Back 2 Basics

Back 2 Basics sessions are designed to be a recreational and educational activity for dogs during their stay at Keshet. With a strong focus on basic obedience, these sessions provide opportunities for your dog to learn new skills and reinforce old ones.

Our Back 2 Basics lessons do exactly as the name suggests- takes training back to its most fundamental lessons. We do not focus on behaviour modification, but rather on developing and enhancing key foundation skills on which more specialized training is built. We use positive methods as the sessions are designed to be fun interactions with an educational element throughout.

Each session is 40-45 minutes in duration with a strong focus on basic obedience skills and can be broken down into three parts:

  1. To begin the session, we spend some time with each dog assessing their current skills. This is done so that we can tailor the session to suit the dog’s needs and abilities.
  2. Next, we move on to practicing cues. If they have good foundation skills, we will move on to more advanced cues and scale the difficulty level up or down as needed.
  3. To finish each lesson, we like to lighten the mood with some interactive activities. Depending on the dog’s abilities/interests this may include nose-work, games, light agility, outdoor & off-leash activities, one-on-one personal time, etc.

Back 2 Basics was developed using positive and proven methods to motivate bodies, stimulate minds, improve fundamental skills and encourage learning by making it fun!

If you are looking to get advice on more specialized training or behavioral issues, please see our associates page for training personnel and contact info at

What’s Included

  • 40 minute session
  • Follow-up Pawgress Report detailing what was worked on

Participating Trainers

Trainer currently participating in the Back 2 Basics Program is:

  • Sarah Smith


The cost of each 40 minute session is $35.00 + HST.

How to Book

Select the Back 2 Basics option from the “Add On” list during the normal on-line booking process and choose the number of sessions you would like your dog(s) to receive.


  • Only one session will be completed for each dog per day
  • Half-day daycare may not be eligible for a Back 2 Basics session, please contact us for availability