Bear – Courtesy Listing

Hi, I’m Bear!

I am about 3 years old and am most likely a black lab/shepherd/border collie mix. I was recently neutered (and have healed nicely), and received my vaccinations and de-worming. My vet says I am in good condition!

I am very friendly – I really love people and I am good with kids (older kids – I haven’t met any toddlers or babies). I do jump up sometimes, but only when I am very excited, and I am very good after I calm down. I am a pretty quiet guy, but of course, I will bark to let you know if I spot any raccoons or other strange critters in our yard!  I have been through a lot of changes recently and so naturally, get anxious sometimes. My new owners should be willing to help me feel more confident and secure as I tend to bond closely to one person and get worried when they leave. I have not lived entirely as an indoor dog, so although I appear to be well house trained, I may need some help learning how to live in a home.

I am a good boy, but I am still learning basic commands. I do like treats though, so with some positive incentive and a lot of patience and consistency, I’m sure I can learn to listen! I am learning how to walk with a lead, and am making great progress! I will escape if you give me the chance, so I need to have a secure space to play outside and to work on my recall. I am a big dog and strong, so my owner will need to ensure we get training together so that we can work as a team.

I am pretty easy going, but I haven’t met too many other dogs, so I will need some support and a gradual approach to socialization. Like many older dogs, I find puppies can be a bit annoying. I hate the rain and poor weather, and will need more than a little convincing to go outside in this. I am used to having space to run around, but I prefer to be indoors mostly and with my family.

I am lyme-positive, but this has not been an issue for me. Lyme in dogs is different than in humans, and most dogs lead healthy, active lives without issue, but this is something you’ll want to talk to my new vet about.  I am not contagious and have many years of health ahead of me!

I would love to find a home with my mom, Keeper, but I understand that two big dogs is a lot to take on.  It might take me a little time to adjust, but with a loving family, I think I will be able to.

If you’re looking for an active and loyal friend and are willing to learn together, then please put in an application for me.

This is a courtesy listing.
If you would like to provide Bear with his forever home, please contact Anna Ballard at