Icy – Courtesy Listing

Icy, a 10 year old Border Collie, was surrendered through no fault of her own, a situation which was largely due to a change in circumstances at her previous home. She has adjusted beautifully to life at her foster home and was fully assessed by a veterinarian upon arriving in our care.


  • Spayed, up to date on DHPP, Rabies & Leptospirosis vaccines.
  • Has diabetes. Blood sugar levels are improving steadily with twice daily insulin injections, which she is a superstar about having done! Special glucose support food (Hill’s W/D).


  • Icy is a sweet, affectionate, and overall lovely dog. She is well trained with excellent recall and very polite manners. This would be a very long list if we included all the wonderful things about her!
  • She is a pro with a ball, she LOVES to play fetch and returns the ball beautifully every single time.
  • Loves walks. Good in the car and getting more comfortable every day.
  • Literally loves anyone that shows her affection!
  • Beautiful leash skills.
  • Good with brushing, nail trims, baths, ear cleaning, vet visits and generally just
  • Will mirror some reactive barking if she is being barked at but is very easily redirected.

Suitable Home Environment

  • Icy has lived with young children in the past and can certainly share her space with kids.
  • She is very good with cats; she will whine at them if they are horsing around but she does not chase or generally worry about what they are up to.
  • She is social with people and other well-behaved dogs. She has little tolerance if a dog is constantly in her face. She is not possessive of food or toys that we have seen.
  • She does not seem to have separation anxiety issues and is quite content to be left unattended free roaming in the house for short durations.
  • She loves to be where her people are. She is very sociable and would love to be involved in daily outings and activities.
  • Suitable companion for any living situation (house, condo; city, country). A fenced yard would be a bonus but is not mandatory if she is watched. She sometimes takes an interest in squirrels and will do the Border Collie stalk when she sees one.
  • No experience with diabetes in dogs is needed, as we will provide all the information, but a general willingness to learn and strict adherence to routine to ensure she gets the medication and diet she needs is paramount.

This is a courtesy listing.
If you would like more information about Icy, please contact Sarah at Serious inquiries only! If you are reaching out, please take some time and tell us a little about yourselves.