Marley – Courtesy Listing

Marley is an 18-month-old Great Pyrenees / Maremma Sheepdog mix with a lot of love to give. My family adopted her as a puppy from a farm outside of Peterborough and she has been raised alongside our Labrador Retriever, whom she loves to play and run with. Marley and our lab get along well. She also loves attention from her human family members, greeting them with excitement at the door, staying close by our side when we are home, snuggling up to be petted, bringing along balls or rope for a game of tug, or just hanging out belly up in the living room when we’re lounging there.

Marley is also a guardian dog with strong guarding instincts and requires a strong pack leader. She guards her food, socks, paper towel if it falls on the ground, and will guard family members as well. While she is sweet and docile most of the time, she can display aggression while she is guarding. She can also occasionally display aggression if she is resting and comfortable and someone physically disturbs her. She has growled and nipped a couple of times and for this reason is not well suited for children.

The Great Pyrenees and Maremma Sheepdog breeds are both bred to be livestock guardians. They are working dogs who require space to roam and are highly intelligent. They love to bark and alert their owners of anything unfamiliar around — other animals, people, vehicles etc. Barking aside, Marley is shy around visitors and takes time to warm up. She is bred as a guard dog and for this reason could display aggression with an intruder. A stubborn and independent dog, obedience takes time, consistency, and work. These dogs will roam and are not recommended off leash unless in a fenced area.

Marley is best suited for a farm or large property despite being raised in a suburban environment. We have a large backyard for her to roam in and for exercise have trained her to walk on leash wearing a harness. Marley does not like to be led by the collar due to an incident while she was a puppy when she was grabbed by the collar when snow that slid off a roof fell on her and scared her. She does not display aggression when her collar is held but will resist being led this way. On a harness, she walks calmly at a nice pace and is friendly with the people and animals she encounters.

If you are interested in adopting Marley, please contact Lauren at 613-447-9804 or

The adoption process will require an interview and site visitation prior to Marley being rehomed. We want to ensure the best possible match so that both Marley and the new owners are happy and comfortable in her new forever home.

She will be rehomed with her shots up to date.