Puppy Development

Our Puppy Development Lessons are specifically designed to teach puppies how to interact with the world around them. Puppies are like little sponges, soaking up the experiences and interactions that happen every day. With guidance and controlled exposure to people, friendly dogs, puppy-friendly activities and equipment for exploration, these lessons will help provide your pup with a foundation of essential skills to help them adapt, learn and succeed.

During these sessions, puppies will:

  1. Build social skills
  2. Improve manners and obedience
  3. Develop confidence and coping skills
  4. Learn to make appropriate choices

These lessons were designed as part of our Play & Learn Program to facilitate the development of a pup into a well-balanced adult. Using a variety of tools, equipment and activities, our goal is to keep the lessons positive, fun and educational for everyone!

If you are looking to get advice on more specialized training or behavioral issues, please see our associates page for training personnel and contact info at

What’s Included

  • 40 minute session
  • Follow-up Puppy Development Report detailing what was worked on

Participating Trainers

Trainers currently participating in the Puppy Development Program:

  • Joseé Brisson
  • Sarah Smith


The cost of each 40 minute session is $35.00 + HST.

How to Book

Select the Puppy Development Lesson option from the “Add On” list during the normal on-line booking process and choose the number of sessions you would like your dog(s) to receive.


  • Only one session will be completed for each pup per day
  • Half-day daycare may not be eligible for a Puppy Development session, please contact us for availability