Rescue Wish List

Below is a list of items that we use on a daily basis. We have included a description of how each item will be used, and how these items benefit the lives of our rescue dogs. If you have any specialized items to contribute, please feel free to do so. For more information, contact us by e-mail at

Thank you for your support.


How We Use These Items

Everyday Items
Blankets/Sheets Our pooches love curling up in a warm bed.
Liquid Disinfectant Sanitation and disinfection are essential for a healthy environment. Pet safe products preferred.
Dry Dog Food Our dogs eat Costco brand dry food:
–  Kirkland Brand (Adult Lamb & Rice, Senior Chicken & Rice)
–  Nature’s Domain (Salmon & Sweet Potato, Turkey & Sweet Potato)
Canned Dog Food Canned food makes great meatballs for pills, or an extra special treat.
Dog Treats Our fur babies love a little something special.
Laundry Soap Big dogs, big messes, lots of laundry.
Puppy Training Pads Great for keeping our puppies and senior or incontinent dogs clean.
Towels Between bathing, swimming, and cleaning, we use a lot of towels.
Jeans Looking for used jeans, in any condition, to re-purpose for dog toys and accessories.
Care & Maintenance
Beds Dog beds suitable for large breeds are preferred, we also accept toddler beds.
Dog Crates/Kennels Specifically, large crates for transportation or recovery.
Collars/Leashes Collars- all sizes, all types. Leashes- long with clasps at both ends are preferred.
Cranberry Capsules Preventative maintenance for our dogs that are prone to UTI’s.
Gentle Leaders & Harnesses Many of our dogs benefit from the use of these tools in training; used to promote and maintain effective leash skills.
Glucosamine HCl Capsules Several of our large dogs are on a maintenance plan of glucosamine hydrochloride capsules to support healthy joints and cartilage growth.
Grooming Accessories Used to maintain healthy skin, nails, and coat.
Omega 3 Capsules Some of our dogs require Omega 3 oils to support skin and coat health, especially those with allergies.
Toys Toys suitable for large breeds are preferred; used to stimulate mind and body.
Veterinary & Medical
Dexidin 4/Hibitane Antiseptic detergent for cleaning wounds and abrasions.
Elizabethan/Inflatable Collars Sometimes the urge to lick or scratch a wound is just too overwhelming!
Ear Cleaner/Epi-Otic Drying, non-greasy cleaners help to maintain ear health, especially in those prone to infections.
Gauze Used for dressing or cleaning wounds.
Optixcare Eye cleaner used to maintain ocular health, especially in our older dogs.
Vet Wrap Used for dressing wounds.