Boarding / Daycare

At Keshet Kennels, we focus on your canine friend’s overall experience. We know all dogs are different and require different levels of care, that is why each dog’s stay at Keshet Kennels is customized to their specific needs. Our spacious, country style pens are equipped with outdoor access and heated floors in the beautifully restored heritage barn. Our facilities were designed to accommodate various dogs with no breed discrimination.

  • Dogs that prefer the outdoors have access to outdoor runs
  • Older/less active dogs and dogs with limited mobility can remain inside and enjoy the heated floor
  • High energy dogs have access to walks and outdoor playtime in one of our numerous, spacious play areas
  • Dog reactive and aggressive dogs will enjoy individual playtime
  • With owner’s consent, dog friendly dogs will have the opportunity to socialize while they enjoy playtime

Hours of Operation

Keshet Kennels - Boarding / Daycare - Dog Pens

We are open 7am – 8pm, 365 days a year.

We recommend that new dogs are dropped off before 3pm to give the dog(s) a chance to acquaint themselves with the surroundings and enjoy some playtime before lights out.

Included in Price:

  • multiple walks
  • playtime
  • drug administration
  • feedings (owners are responsible for providing enough food for the duration of the stay)
  • with the owner’s consent, treats throughout the day (optionally the owner can provide preferred treats)

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Boarding/Daycare Requirements

Prior to boarding your dog with Keshet Kennels, we require documented health records regarding: annual vaccines (DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella) and heartworm prevention. Clients are also required to sign an agreement/waiver and a questionnaire about your dog regarding temperament, care issues, allergies, likes and dislikes.

Please note: We do not board females in heat or sick dogs. We reserve the right to decline services.

Additional Activities

Pawsitive Fitness Program

All dogs have access to walks and outdoor/indoor playtime. However, additional activities are also available. Please consult with management to determine which activity might be appropriate for the specific dog:

Keshet Kennels - Boarding / Daycare -Dog Kennels

  • Aerobic Activity
  • Tread-milling
  • Agility
  • Swimming


Life Skills Training is a fun and engaging learning opportunity for dogs of all ages. Focusing on basic obedience, managing excitement, and confidence-building, this program will help your dog learn new skills to navigate the world and enrich their stay at Keshet.

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Methods of Payment

Cash, Cheque or eTransfer

Cancellation Policy

Notification of cancellation must be given 48 hrs. in advance, or 1 week in advance during peak periods. Any cancellations less than the indicated grace periods will be subject to a cancellation fee.