Keshet Kennels

Mission statement:

Provide excellent boarding/daycare, facilities rental, services and products for dog and their owners.

Objectives are to provide:

  • secure facilities for shelter, exercise & training;
  • services in support of dogs;
  • dog related products;
  • support to Keshet Rescue; and
  • partners that offer nutritious food, training, grooming and quality products for dogs.

You can travel or spend time away from your dog with the assurance that while at Keshet your dog is in a safe, loving environment and cared for by staff that adore dogs.

Statement of Operations:

In response to the decrease in natural facilities for dog owners, Keshet Kennels was created to provide secure facilities that promote the bond between owners and their pets. We believe that enhancing this relationship will reduce issues that might lead to owners feeling that surrendering their dog is the only alternative.

Keshet Rescue

Mission statement:

Provide a secure refuge for primarily large breed dogs surrendered by their owner.

Objectives are to provide:

  • adequate shelter;
  • nutritious food;
  • exercise;
  • boundaries/limitations;
  • training/public awareness; and
  • affection, and whenever possible, forever homes.
Statement of Operations:

In response to increased euthanasia of large breed dogs, Keshet Rescue was created to provide an alternative to owners giving their pets to the Humane Society. Keshet’s focus is large breed dogs because we believe that large breed dogs are more at risk.

Keshet Rescue provides a refuge for owner surrender. We understand that there are an infinite number of reasons for pet owners having to give up their pets. The reasons for giving up a pet are only of concern to the individual. Keshet is concerned with ensuring that the pet is not lost in the circumstances.