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December 20, 2017

One day, a puppy is born and he finds his forever home with you. He spends his lifetime playing fetch, running through the grass, napping in sunbeams, and cuddling on the couch. You build an incredibly strong bond with him as you throw sticks, shake paws, and tickle his belly. And then, all too soon,...Read more Read

Swimming Isn’t Always Instinctual
June 1, 2016

Panting, barking, tail-wagging and digging. What do these four dog traits have in common? They are instinctual; your dog just knows how to do it. However, you may be surprised to learn that swimming does not fall under this category. Nope, even dogs that are bred for swimming (waterfowl hunting dogs, such as retrievers) might...Read more Read

Let ’em Sniff!
April 9, 2016

Imagine yourself as a child, and you get to go to Disneyland. Amazing! Awesome! You’re absolutely beside yourself, and you can’t wait to go on the rides and see all of your favourite characters. But, mom and dad need to make this trip quick, so they blindfold you to avoid distractions, and before you know...Read more Read

Breed Spotlight: Keeshond
June 9, 2015

The ‘Smiling Dutchman’. An appropriate name for an intelligent and outgoing breed that loves nothing more than to be a part of family activities. The Keeshond (pronounced ‘Kayz-hond’) is a member of the Non-Sporting breed group. More specifically, they are in the Spitz family and although they share similar characteristics with other Spitzen, they are...Read more Read

Littermates: Bonded One Day, Broken The Next
May 17, 2015

Diamond and Cayenne are 4 1/2 year old Dogo Argentinos (Argentinian Mastiffs) that came into Keshet’s care in November of 2014. As littermates, these two sisters have lived together for most of their lives. Many of us have heard stories about dogs that were once bonded but had suddenly turned on one another, and that...Read more Read

Celebrating Pets: A Picture Blog
May 7, 2015

We love pets. We love pictures. Put them together, we loooove pet pics. With our ever-growing extended family, Keshet Kennels/Rescue celebrates the joy of pet ownership each and every day.  We chose to honour this year’s National Pet Week with a picture blog that showcases some of our kooky creatures. Check out these cute and friendly...Read more Read

Happy Tails: Bobby Bear Finds His Forever Home
May 5, 2015

We are thrilled to announce that Bobby’s status has officially moved from “available for adoption” to “alumni”. After a very successful visit with his forever family, Bobby’s adoption was finalized on May 4, 2015. While at Keshet, Bobby ‘s social nature meant that he was a great companion for several other dogs that visited us....Read more Read

Welcome Waggin’: Kara
May 3, 2015

On April 30, Keshet welcomed the latest addition to our rescue. Kara, a 6 1/2 year old Rottweiler, came to us as an owner surrender. Originally from Wales, Kara came to Canada with her family to start a new life. Unfortunately, some unforeseen circumstances arose and the family had to return to the UK rather...Read more Read

Happy Tails: Pudding Finds His Forever Home
May 3, 2015

We are happy to announce that Pudding’s adoption was finalized on May 3, 2015. By all accounts, he is fitting right in to his new home and adjusting well to life with his new fur-brother, Rupert. Pudding became a part of the Keshet family in February 2015 after braving the journey all the way from...Read more Read

Top Tips: 8 Reasons to Adopt From Keshet
May 3, 2015

Below is a list of our top 8 reasons why anyone considering a large breed dog for adoption should check out Keshet Kennels/Rescue. 8. Basic Training All of our rescues receive on-going lessons in basic training and leash skills. Working with qualified instructors, we develop a training system that works best for each individual dog...Read more Read