Rules and Regulations

Please familiarize yourself with the following rules and regulations prior to visiting Keshet Kennels with your dog(s).

  • All dogs must be leashed and under full control by the handler while on the premises, unless under the supervision of an instructor, or while using an authorized play area. Dogs that are known to have aggressive tendencies must also be muzzled.
  • We require a written record of your dog’s vaccinations (DHPP or equivalent, Bordetella and Rabies).
  • No smoking ANYWHERE on our premises – indoors or outdoors.
  • Dogs using our facilities, or being boarded, do not need to be spayed or neutered. However, dogs in heat, or due to go into heat, are not to be brought onto the property.
  • All dog owners using the facilities are responsible to clean up after their own dogs.
  • Individuals using the facilities are responsible, at all times, to close gates behind them.
  • Do not loiter in entrances. If you are waiting for other individuals to arrive, please do so in the parking lot by the main gate or in your designated rental area.
  • If dog(s) require bathroom breaks from indoor rentals, please do so quickly. Use the area immediately surrounding the rented space, do not wander around the property and ensure you pick up after your dog(s) and deposit the feces in the allocated waste buckets.
  • Individuals renting the facilities are expected to honour arrival and departure times.
  • All dog owners using the facilities will be required to read and sign both a Liability Release and  Rules and Regulations form.
  • Although this is not mandatory, we request that EVERYBODY sign a release form allowing Keshet Kennels/Rescue to use photographs, videos or recordings of you, or your dog(s), that are obtained during your participation in any of our activities and events for promotion or fundraising purposes.
  • Due to the nature of our facilities, circumstances may occur that are beyond our control. This would result in a situation that is harmful to dogs or people. Therefore, requests made by staff during these circumstances are to be followed immediately. We will make every effort to contain the situation as quickly as possible. Failure to follow directions may result in the individual being barred from the property.

We reserve the right to revoke rental privileges if individuals do not follow the rules and regulations.

Please address any inquires to

Thank you

Debbie Moffat, Founder/CEO