Boarding / Daycare
What are the requirements for boarding and daycare?

In order for your dogs to stay at Keshet Kennels, we require documented health records regarding: annual vaccines (DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella) and prevention against heartworm & ticks (seasonal). For maximum effect, vaccines should be administered a minimum of 2 weeks prior to boarding.

Clients are also required to sign an agreement/waiver and a questionnaire about your dog regarding temperament, care issues, allergies, likes and dislikes.

You will be prompted to sign the necessary document(s) during your initial online booking. A copy of the Boarding Agreement can also be found in the side bar to the right of the page at  Boarding/Daycare.

We welcome all breeds and accept unaltered dogs. (Please note: we do not board females in heat or sick dogs.)

For more information go to Boarding/Daycare.

How old must my dog be to board with you?

The preference is always for your dog to be fully vaccinated with DHPP (initial vaccine + 2 boosters), Rabies and Bordetella, which would generally bring your puppy to at least 4 months of age. In the event there is an earlier requirement for boarding, the puppy will be accepted as long as s/he has been to the vet for a 2nd visit in receipt of one of the DHPP boosters, Bordetella & Rabies.

Given the critical period in the health of a puppy, we do not recommend boarding them when they are very young and/or for any extended period of time.

What type of dogs do you accept?

We accept dogs of all ages, sizes and any temperament. Our facilities are designed to accommodate various dogs with no breed discrimination.

We welcome all breeds and accept unaltered dogs. The only exceptions are we DO NOT board females in heat or sick dogs. We reserve the right to decline services.

Due to the commercial grade fencing used on the property, it may not be enough to deter an escape by a dog that suffers from anxiety, is fearful and/or has a history of escaping, especially in the case of small dogs.

Are we a suitable place for your dog?

We welcome all dogs, but at the same time, you need to consider if we are the suitable choice.

Outdoor time is semi-supervised. While dogs are outside, although we keep an eye on them, we are also in and out, moving other dogs around etc:

  • We generally keep dogs in pairs for play time, so only 2 are out together at a time. We will not leave dogs together if they are not a suitable pair.
  • On occasion, and only if appropriate, we can have a maximum of 4 dogs together.
  • If you are looking for 100% fully supervised social time, we are not often in a position to accommodate this. In order to keep the flow of dogs going outside numerous times per day, we have to keep moving!

Keshet Kennels provides country boarding, so we have lots of branches, tree bark, small stones & pine cones throughout the property! If your dog is known to eat almost anything off the ground, you may want to consider an anti-scavenging mask for their safety. This behaviour should be disclosed in the dog’s profile (in comments) as it is extremely important for us to know before the dog arrives. It will help us choose the most appropriate play areas for the dog. As an extra precaution, it would not hurt to repeat this information to the staff upon drop-off.

There are dogs who dig regularly, and although we constantly are on top of working on the property, there is a possibility of there being “potholes” in some of the fenced in spaces.

In regards to senior dogs, or dogs with special needs and medications:

  • There is no vet or vet tech on staff. We trust that if you are boarding your dog with us, they are in good enough health to be here. In addition to the required Boarding Agreement, you may be asked to sign a waiver in which you clearly indicate your understanding of our protocols.
  • We can administer most medications, but some dogs are a challenge and can make it difficult for us to keep up with their medical regimen.
  • We have staff moving amidst the dogs from 7am – 8pm, but after that, between the hours of      8pm – 7am, there is no one with eyes on them. However, 2 members of management live on the property.
What is included in the Boarding/Daycare price?

Pricing Includes:

  • multiple walks
  • playtime
  • socialization with other dogs (unless otherwise instructed)
  • drug administration
  • feedings (Owners are responsible for providing enough food for the duration of the stay. It is highly recommended that extra food is included, in the event of a delay in the pickup time/day)
  • with the owner’s consent, treats throughout the day (optionally the owner can provide preferred treats)

For more information go to Boarding/Daycare.

Is it possible for dogs from the same family to share a pen?

Unless specified otherwise, dogs from the same family are generally booked into the same pen. In the event your dogs are sharing a pen, please be sure to clearly indicate if they can also be fed together.

Please note that at this time, there is no discount for dogs sharing a pen.

Can I tour the facility before boarding my dog?

We are happy to show you around the facility. As a tour is by appointment only, please contact us in advance to arrange a time. Bringing your dog(s) often serve as a great introduction before their stay. However, the option to bring your dog depends on the time and day of your appointment.

To book an appointment, call us at 613-850-6212.

Is the kennel area heated/air conditioned?

Our fully restored, turn-of-the-century barn is fully climate controlled.

Are there cameras on the property?

Due to the extensive and sprawling layout both inside and outside the kennel, there are no cameras monitoring the dogs at play or rest.

What are your drop-off and pick-up times?

Drop-off  time is anytime between 8am – 5:00pm.
Pickup time is anything between 8am – 7:00pm.

Stated drop-off and pickup times apply 365 days a year!


  • While staff is on sight for 13 hours/day, 365 days a year from 7am to 8pm, we reserve the first and last hour of our work day to focus on the needs of the boarders: getting all the dogs out that stayed overnight and taking dogs out for their last walks before lights out.
  • Please keep in mind that we plan our day according to the arrival and departure times that customers request when making a booking. If arrival/departure times are significantly different from what was originally scheduled, please give us a call or make a change request through your account for any drop off or pick up time changes. For more information, refer below to Booking Procedures/How do I change or cancel a booking request?


Drop-off: We recommend that new dogs, especially, are dropped off before 3pm to give the dog(s) a chance to acquaint themselves with the surroundings and enjoy some playtime before lights out. For the same reason, even dogs that have stayed with us before, we recommend that they be dropped off NLT than 5:00pm.

Pick-up: Up until 12pm (noon) is covered in the price of an overnight stay. Half-day daycare charges apply for pick-ups between 12pm-5pm. Full-day daycare charges apply for pick-ups after 5pm.


Half-day daycare charges apply to visits up to 5 hours, full-day daycare charges apply to visits more than 5 hours.

For more information go to Boarding/Daycare.

NOTE: For safety in the workplace we have adjusted our procedures for drop-off and pick up of your dog(s):

  • Please ring the intercom bell to the left of the main gate to announce your arrival and for instructions. A staff member will meet you at the gate for a hand-off of your pet(s). For everyone’s safety, we kindly ask that you NOT walk past the gate unless specifically asked to do so.
  • In the event you need to come through the gates (i.e. you do not have a cell phone, are instructed by staff or have a confirmed rental), please head directly to the main entrance or the rental facility.
  • We ask that you DO NOT wonder around the property or engage with any of the dogs in the play area.
How do I book my dog(s) for boarding and/or daycare?

All of our bookings are done online. To book dog(s) for boarding and/or daycare services, please select the yellow BOOK NOW button at the top right corner of the website. In the event the booking is time sensitive (less than 24 hours), also call us at 613-850-6212.

For more information refer to Booking Procedures/Creating an account below.

Should my dog(s) experience a trial stay before boarding at the kennel?

While this is not a requirement, you know your dog best to determine whether it will be beneficial.

Some owners may consider it beneficial for their dog(s) to familiarize themselves with the new surroundings. It also may help to lower the dogs anxiety/stress levels at being separated from their owner for the first time.

You are in the best position to decide if your dog will benefit from daycare (half or full) or a night’s stay, before coming to board for a longer period of time.

Will my dog get to play with other dogs while at the kennel?

Unless instructed otherwise, and if your dog is dog friendly, we make every attempt to socialize the dog under the condition there is a good match. Dog interactions are usually one on one, as two is company and three is a crowd.

What would my dog(s) day look like?

During the day, your dog participates in multiple walks and outings within secure designated play areas. Also, if the weather does not permit outside play, we adjust accordingly. The dogs still go out multiple times albeit for shorter durations or leash walks. When not out, the dogs rest and eat in their independent and spacious kennels. A dog remains in their kennel for an hour after each meal.

With your consent, your dog friendly dog(s) will have the opportunity to make friends with other dog and socialize while they enjoy playtime. If not dog friendly, your dog(s) will still have the same opportunities to enjoy playtimes independently.

Are your play areas secure?

Yes. All play areas have 8 feet high chain link fencing and are well secured underground. They cannot be climbed over. If you have a dog that you feel can tunnel under or jump over the fencing, please advise us when creating a booking so that we can take additional preventative action.

Note: The property sustained a lot of damage during the derecho that swept through Carlsbad Springs in May 2022. For the safety and security of the dogs that stay with us, some of the play areas are not in use until the damaged fencing can be replaced in the Spring of 2023.

What should I bring for my dogs stay at the kennel?
  • Food:
  • Please bring your dog(s) own food. Bring enough for the duration of their stay. We always recommend you bring extra, so there is enough to cover them in the event their stay is extended.
  •  Feel free to provide treats for your dog, especially if they have allergies. This also allows us to continue the regimen they are accustomed to at home. For example, giving them a treat before bedtime.
  • Please be as specific as possible regarding the feeding instructions during the booking process. Indicate AMOUNT in cups (if kibble), or provide pre-portioned bags. In the event of free feeding, MUST provide a guideline as to the maximum amount per day.
  •  We have no problem accommodating food that requires refrigeration (refrigerator or freezer).
  • Please do not bring any bowls unless it’s a slow feeding bowl.
  • Medicine:
  • Please be as specific as possible regarding instructions on dispensing medications during the booking process. Include the name & purpose of the medication, dose, time of day to be given, if it is to be given with food etc.
  • Optional:
  • Bed if you think it will be helpful for the dog to have something familiar to them. Otherwise, we can provide bedding.
  • Toys


  • Please do not bring items of high value, favorites or bowls as these may get difficult to identify given the large volume of dogs at the kennel on a daily basis or may get accidentally misplaced or broken.
  • Please be as descriptive as possible when describing belongings.
  • For your convenience, feeding, medical and belonging information is auto populated for future visits. Therefore, it is important to make sure that that information is updated by you whenever there are changes so that we have the most up-to-date information.
What should I do about all the tags on my dog's collar?

At the risk of getting lost, especially during play, we strongly recommend that all tags be removed from the collar. This includes GPS trackers. Dogs are given the opportunity to experience all the different areas on the property and it is no small task trying to find tags that may have fallen off at any given time during their stay.

Do you offer any discounts?

Our prices are based on quality of care, not number of dogs or duration of stay. At this time, we are not offering any discounts.

How much does boarding/daycare cost?
  • Half-Day Daycare (up to 5 hours): $28.00 +HST
  • Full-Day Daycare (over 5 hours): $40.00 +HST
  • Overnight (with pick-up before noon*): $48.00 +HST


  • Depending on actual pick-up time, additional daycare charges may apply. Half-day daycare charges apply for pick-ups between 12pm-5pm. Full-day daycare charges apply for pick-ups after 5pm.
  • There are no hidden costs. Extra walks (time and circumstances permitting), giving medication, cuddle time etc. are all included in the base rate.
  • There are no additional fees on weekends and statutory holidays.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice, and Keshet has no obligation to provide the Client with an update price list, other than to make an updated price list available on the Keshet website & Customer Portal Welcome Screen.  The Fees provided in the confirmed booking request is an estimate only based on the details provided by the Client at the time of booking, and that the actual billing of Fees will be based on the actual services rendered.  

For more information go to Boarding/Daycare.

When is payment due for boarding and daycare?

Payments are due NLT the day you pick up your dog from daycare or boarding.

While you are always welcome to pay in advance or during a booking, payment is not necessarily due till such time your dog(s) are picked up.

However, for longer boarding stays progress payments are expected during the stay of the dog(s) at the kennel.

Facilities Rentals
What facilities do you have available for rental?

Many of the Keshet facilities are available for rent. Each of the areas, indoors and out, are unique in layout and provides a secure place for people and dogs to participate in various activities.

Check out Indoor Facilities for information on indoor spaces.

Check out Outdoor Facilities for information on outdoor spaces.

Are your rental areas secure?

With the exception of Marshland, all rental areas have 8 feet high chain link fencing and are well secured underground.

Note: The property sustained a lot of damage during the derecho that swept through Carlsbad Springs in May 2022. Some of the rental areas are not in use until the damaged fencing can be replaced in the Spring of 2023.

Are we able to bring our own toys for the dogs to play with?

Yes. But, to ensure that the rental facilities remain a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, it is imperative that all toys, in any condition, are not left lying around. Can’t stress this enough in order to avoid potential problems with toy aggressive and/or destructive dogs.

When are the facilities available for rent?

Rentals are scheduled on a first come first served basis anytime between the hours of 8am to 8pm. Note: End times may vary slightly depending on the facility.

To ensure that everybody is able to maximize the use of the facilities, punctuality in regards to the start and end times of the booking is essential.

Please note: Set up and tear down times must be included within the booking period.

What are your requirements for renting an area?

Prior to using our facilities, we require documented health records for your dog(s):

  • proof of up to date vaccines – DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella; and
  • proof of prevention for heartworm and ticks, seasonally.

Clients are also required to sign a waiver of liability and rules regarding the use of our facilities. Optionally, we ask that clients sign a release allowing Keshet to use any pictures taken of them at the facility for promotion or fundraising purposes.

You will be prompted to sign the necessary documents during your initial online booking. Copies of the documents needing to be signed can also be found in the side bar to the right of the page at Rental Requirements.

How do I book a rental area?

All of our bookings are done online. To book a facilities rental, please select the yellow BOOK NOW button at the top right corner of the website. In the event the booking is time sensitive (less than 24 hours, also call us at 613-850-6212.

For general information go to Facilities Rental.

How are Facility Rentals priced?

The cost of facilities rental is based on hourly use (at a minimum) and varies depending on the number of people and the specific area being used.

How to count people: “1” counts for every owner/dog combo with other human guests/visitors being free.
For instance, if you come with only your dog(s) with others (i.e. kids/friend), you will only pay for the hourly use for one person. If you invite someone to join you who comes with their own dog(s), with or without guests, you will then pay the rate for two people for the time spent at the facility.

Note: Unless you personally invite others to join you with their dog(s), these are private rentals.

There are 2 payments plans:

  • Pay As You Go: number of participants are factored into the pricing
  • Pass: for individual use, offers a reduction in the hourly rate. Passes are technically valid for a year from the date of purchase. Expiration date of a pass, however, can be extended as long as at least 1 hour is redeemed during the 12 months from the date of purchase.

For the breakdown of hourly rates go to Facilities Rental Pricing.

Please note that posted prices are for private use only. Please contact us if you are a dogwalker or rates for events and seminars.

When is payment due for facilities rentals?

Payment is due NLT the day the service is provided or the day a voucher is purchased.

Booking Procedures
How far in advance do I have to book?

There is NO minimum time limit on the submission of booking requests. The sooner you book the sooner your booking will be addressed. At peak times of the year, it becomes more difficult to get a booking confirmation and the further out a booking request is made the better the chances of confirmation of your requests.

How do I book a service at the kennel?

All bookings are created and managed online. New customers will be required to create an account, after which you will be able to submit a booking request of your choice.

Once you have an account, we ask that you always communicate with us through the customer portal.

Creation of an account

The following are the steps required to create an account:

  • Click the yellow BOOK NOW button on the top right-hand corner of the screen at which will take you to the customer login screen
  • Select Create one now! to the question Don’t have an account?
  • Enter your name, email (this will be your User ID) and password twice and click on Sign Up
  • On the customer set up screen follow the instructions to enter your information: personal, pet, vet and emergency contact


  • Required information fields have a red asterisk (*).
  • Adding Pets to your account is essential to booking most services (exceptions being facility rentals, passes, online store and photo tokens).

You will receive a welcome message upon the successful creation of your account. Now you are able to book any of our services.

  • Click on the desired service to begin creating a booking request
  • After the completion and submission of your booking request (by clicking on the submit request button) you will receive an automated email informing you that your request has been received
  • As a rule you should receive a status update on the booking request within 24 hours (Requests may be confirmed, wait listed or cancelled based on availability of space)
Whose name(s) should be included in my account?

An account is based on the credentials of the primary dog owner. There are 2 places in the account you are also asked to provide the names of other people:

Additional Contact/Owner. This information is managed under My Account/Edit Profile. This should identify a secondary person, such as a significant other, who is recognized as a co-owner of the dog(s) in the account, that can be contacted, if necessary. Please do not populate, a second time, with the primary owner’s information. This is not mandatory information and should be left blank, if not applicable. Note: An additional contact/owner is not able to log into the account with their own credentials. Login, at this time, is limited to the primary owners credentials.

Emergency Contacts. This information is managed under Pet Info/Emergency Contacts. This section should identify people that are authorized to make decisions on your behalf about your pet(s),  in the event we are unable to get hold of the owner(s) in a timely fashion. The list of emergency contacts should not include the primary owner’s information – that is a given. Although not uncommon to list co-owners/significant others, listed individuals should not be limited to those that are likely to be travelling with you at any given time.

What happens once a booking request is submitted?

After submitting a booking, you will receive an automated email confirming receipt of your request. Please note that receipt of your request is not a guarantee of a confirmed booking.

You should get a subsequent email within 24 hours (on a rare occasion it may take longer) either confirming the booking or informing you of being placed on a waitlist. .

If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please check your junk/spam mail and if not in there, please call us. If it’s a time sensitive booking (extremely short notice) please feel free to call us at

What does being wait listed mean?

Wait listed means that there is no suitable pen for the dates requested at that point in time. When a spot becomes available, the wait listed request that best meets the criteria of the cancelled booking is given priority on a first come first serve basis.

To clarify, at this point it isn’t where you are on the waitlist, as much as which pen is freed up and the date/time range it is freed up for.

How do I change or cancel a booking request?

To change or cancel a booking:

  • Login to your account.
  • Go to your Booking History.
  • Click on the blue Review button to the far right of the booking you would like to change or cancel.
  • Options to edit or cancel the booking will be displayed at the top left of the screen.


  • If the booking request has already been confirmed, this action will serve as a formal cancellation request and will be responded to accordingly.
  • If the booking request was not already processed by staff you, will receive a message “Your reservation request was cancelled successfully.”
  • Please note that you cannot modify or cancel a booking online on the day of drop off or pick up. You will have to call us at 613-850-6212 to have the booking changed or cancelled.
What is the best way to communicate with the kennel?

The best and most efficient way to communicate with us is by logging into your account and using the customer portal (ProPet Software) to manage your bookings, message us etc. This ensures that there is a history of our communication and makes future reference easier.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, cheques and eTransfers to

At the moment we DO NOT accept credit cards or debit cards.

When is payment due for a booking?

Payments for facilities rental is due NLT the day the service is provided or the day a voucher is purchased

Payments for boarding/daycare are due NLT the day you pick up your dog(s). While you are always welcome to pay in advance or during a booking, payment is not necessarily due till the send of your dog(s) stay. However, for longer boarding stays, progress payments are expected during the dog(s) stay at the kennel.

Before making payments always remember to check the booking total as estimates may change as a result of:

  • credits applied (e.g., over payment on an earlier invoice);
  • services that weren’t provided (e.g., aerobics not performed); or
  • additional services provided (e.g., additional day care or food) based on your requests.

Note: Please note that HST is applicable on all transactions.

To look at the status of your bookings at any time, login to your account, and select the desired invoice from your Booking History.

In the event you do not pay your bill in full at the time of check out, Keshet Kennels is nonetheless required to return your pet to you at the time of checkout. You understand, however, that you will remain liable for all charges incurred during your pet’s stay, and Keshet Kennels reserves the right to collect any unpaid balance.

How can I check the status of my bookings?

In the dashboard, there is an at-a-glance view, if applicable, of the following:

  • a list of bookings that are current, future and/or pending;
  • outstanding balance on the account;
  • current estimated balance on the account;
  • future estimated balance for confirmed bookings; and
  • credit on file.

A list of all bookings (past, present, future and pending) are listed in your Booking History.

Useful to:

  • review all details associated with a booking
  • verify the amount owing on a particular open invoice; and
  • print a receipt  (once payment is made in full, the label “invoice” is replaced with “receipt”).

Note: Since payments are managed in the back office, please allow time (generally within 24 hours) for your invoice to be marked as paid and/or applicable credits to be applied to your account.

Rescue & Adoption
What types of dogs do you rescue/adopt?

Our ability to rescue dogs is dependent on the available resources at the time.

Typically we rescue dogs which are surrendered by their owners. These dogs have been in loving homes and due to circumstances are forced to be given up. Under certain circumstances we take dogs from other sources; if the risk of them being euthanized is high.

For additional information, please check out our Rescue & Adoption page.

Do people just drop off their dogs?

No. There is a clearly defined process which ensures the safety of our staff and canine residents. The process starts by contacting us to identify that you have a dog that needs rescuing.

To inquire about surrendering a dog, please send an e-mail with information about the dog and a summary of the circumstances to or call 613-850-6212.

Do you place any of your dogs?

Yes. However, there is a clearly defined process which ensures the safety of the individual(s) rescuing the dog and the well being of the dog being placed. The process starts by contacting us to identify your interest in adopting a dog.

To inquire about adopting a dog, please send an e-mail naming the dog of interest to or call 613-850-6212.

What do I get when I adopt a dog from your rescue?

All of our rescues live on-site, giving us the opportunity to really get to know the dogs.

  • All our dogs are fully vetted: they are fixed, chipped and up to date on all their shots and seasonal meds, if applicable.
  • Our dogs have basic obedience.
  • There is, of course, an adoption process. Our priority is to provide each of our dogs with the tools for success in an environment they can thrive. To that end, our adoption process, which is based on the concept of achieving 5 fundamental milestones, involves a commitment of time from potential adopters and will result in multiple trips to our facilities at your expense.
  • In the event of a suitable pairing, there is an adoption fee of $700 + HST.

For more information review our Adoption Process.

How is the rescue funded?

Neither Keshet Kennels nor Keshet Rescue are registered charitable organizations. Currently, the care of rescued dogs is funded by the owner, from individual sponsors (Sponsor the Rescue) and a portion of Keshet Kennels’ revenues.

How do I make a contribution to the rescue?

There are many ways to show your support, check out our Sponsors and Get Involved pages to learn more.

Get Involved
How can I get involved with your organization?

There are many ways to show your support, check out our Sponsors and Get Involved pages to learn more.

How can I sponsor Keshet?

Support our rescue efforts by becoming an individual or corporate sponsor. Check out our Sponsors page to learn more.

Do you have a volunteer program?

We welcome dedicated people that are passionate about dogs to volunteer their time with us. Check out our Volunteer page to learn more about volunteering and several other ways in which you can support us.

Do you accept gifts of used items?

We are always in need of gently used items, such as: bedding, towels, toys, veterinary products, etc. Our Wish List contains several items that our rescues use on a daily basis. If you would like to make a contribution, please e-mail us at

Mode of Operation
What are your hours of operation?

Staff is on sight for 13 hours/day, 365 days a year from 7am to 8pm.

Drop-off and pick-up for boarding/daycare and facilities rental are generally between 8am -7:00pm.

What services do you provide?

We love dogs and we want Keshet Kennels/Rescue to be the place for all things dog! Services currently offered include:

  • Boarding/Daycare;
  • Facilities Rental;
  • Rescue/Adoption; and
  • Agility Training in the Spring & Fall.

Check out our Services page.

Can we tour the facility?

Happy to show customers around the facility. A site visit has to to be scheduled in advance so that it can be put on the schedule. Please note: There will be no site visits on pick up or drop off days. You are welcome to bring your dog(s) along with you, with the understanding that they will be placed in an outdoor play area on their own, while you are being shown around.

To schedule a site visit, please contact us by phone at 613-850-6212.

Is smoking allowed on the premises?

No smoking or vaping is permitted anywhere on the premises (either indoors or outdoors). This includes all the rental areas.

Where are you located?

We are located at 6157 Russell Rd. Carlsbad Springs, ON (20 minutes East of downtown Ottawa).

Check out our Contact Information to learn more.