Jess Nyysola / Arkhamedes

Great experience here! We booked the Timberland portion and our mini cockapoo Arkhamedes loved it! It was a beautiful day and the area was incredibly well maintained. Will be going back for sure!

October 18, 2020 via Facebook


Alex Gallardo | Bosco



Keshet is an amazing place to bring you’re dog, the owner has a huge heart for dog’s and it shows, I cannot say enough good thing’s about this place

October 10, 2020 via Google


Gundel Lake / Mabel

I just wanted to take a minute to express our SINCEREST thanks for everything you have done for Mabel. We have really enjoyed our time there when we rent an area to walk her off leash, but the part we are most thankful about is the care you offer her at daycare.

Honestly, to have a happy tired boxer is sometimes a challenge (the tired part, i mean!) and to know that you give her the opportunity to play with others is HUGE. As you know, the pandemic severely impacted our ability to socialize her with other dogs, not to mention that we seem to only have friends who have either little doggos or ones who are dog-reactive. Further, we used to have a dog-reactive dog , and then when Mabel was about 14 weeks old, we were attacked by a dog. All of that to say, we didn’t have much confidence in our ability to socialize sweet mabel. (she can also be a lot! lol)

Thank you thank you thank you.I am sure that this is just every day business for you, but for us, having a place like Keshet where we can feel safe bringing her and know that we can trust your judgement about Mabel’s ability to regulate herself around other doggos is thoroughly appreciated.

With most sincere thanks.

October 8, 2020 via Email


Alyssa MacMillan | Mona



September 24, 2020 via Google


Cameron Clay / Sadie

You have no idea how thrilled we are with your facility and the joy that Sadie experiences when there with you . She is as excited to arrive as she is to be picked up at the end of her visits ,Thank you so much for providing Sadie a home away from home

August 23, 2020 via Email


Jon Pasher & Family  | Sherlock

Debbie and the crew!

Many thanks for taking care of Sherlock. We obviously missed him a lot but leaving him with you allowed us to have a wonderful family vacation with a lifetime of memories. We could relax knowing Sherlock was in good hands!

He hasn’t told us much about his week at summer camp, but he did say he had a blast (there was a LOT of squeaking going on in the car ride home!!!!)
Thank you so much!

July 4, 2020 via Email



Micheline Provick / Zara

When your dog is happy to be dropped off you know you’ve find the kennel best for her.

June 30, 2020 via Google


Jana Mitchell | Bronson & Preston



June 26, 2020 via Google


J Dunning / Lily & River

I’ve been there a few times now with my two Goldens Lily & River, and I must say we really enjoyed ‘The Habitat’ outdoor space we rented. Huge open area with lots of room to run, hills to climb, and caves to explore if your pups are brave enough. 😄 Plenty of spots to cool off in the shade for all when needed! However, the best is the fresh water stream with a waterfall and pond that the pups can cool off in. Awsome on a hot summers day… It’s even deep enough for a bit of a swim! We met the owner and you can tell she really cares about fostering healthy relationships with our furry family members with all the efforts that have been put into these rental spaces. We also appreciated having an engaging and safe environment for both us and our pups to enjoy. We look forward to visiting again very soon!

June 19, 2020 via Google


Tori Dent  | Loki

My husband and I have been using Keshet for years, and LOVE them. Our shepherd is always excited to get out of the car and get to playing and swimming. They manage all his medical needs and care wonderfully.
Debbie and all the staff are fantastic, we really cant say enough good things.

June 2, 2020 via Facebook



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