Donna Harris | Wilson

I visited Keshet a couple of years ago and was amazed by how beautiful and clean it is. I then boarded my foster there for a week (November 2013) whom I had had for seven months at that time. He had issues but I was very comfortable in leaving him there. I knew he was in good hands and he had beautiful fields in which to run and free access to the outdoors during the day. He was getting walks and lots of love. When we picked him up and we were leaving, he wanted to go and say hello to his caregivers. A 100 lb Pyr whining to get over to them. This boy has since been adopted into his most perfect family and I have recommended Keshet to them.

January 7, 2014 via Facebook




Lynn Fonger | Rosie & Cally

Keshet is an awesome place to board your dogs when you’re away! Debbie is amazing with my two English bulldogs, Rosie & Cally,.. I always feel like they’re safe, even though I miss them ! Wish I could have participated in the BBQ today, what a great cause, and being a veteran myself I thank you so much for doing this!!

October 19, 2013 via Facebook


Lara Rooke | Willow

You can’t find a better, safer place for your dog than Keshet. Debbie and her team are amazing and professional. Willow is always tugging to get in and never in a hurry to leave.

August 8, 2013 via Facebook



Josee Moreau | Roxy

Where to start? We would like to begin by thanking Keshet Rescue for the amazing stay of Roxy spent with you during our vacation. Going on a vacation, leaving behind our loved ones is not an easy thing to do, especially when it’s a first! From our first visit at Keshet Rescue, we quickly had a sense of comfort. We have been greeted with such warmth by the owner Debbie Moffat (a dog lover), the energy and the vitality at Keshet is overwhelming… it brings comfort to our concerns. It is at this point that we decided to book a stay of nine days leaving our dog Roxy experience a dog’s life in a dog world … lol! In addition, it is very difficult for us to find a daycare where PITBULLS are accepted, sadly they are banned in many places and they are considered to be aggressive, but deep down they are great family dogs and they are very loyal and affectionate. So during our stay in Florida, we had the opportunity to follow day to day Roxy activities by phone and by email. In addition, we have received several pictures of Roxy by email in agility training and fitness program while vacationing. This is where we quickly realized that it was OUR DOG who was on vacation!!! We would like to say thank you to Keshet Rescue Team for hosting with such love our big girl Roxy and CONGRADULATION on your beautiful work of rescue dogs using these funds. We will be back without a dough, now we feel this is NEEDED to have a well-balanced dog`s life. With much love Josée & Martin xoxoxo

February 18, 2013 via Facebook


Vanessa Mercier | Arya

What a GREAT place to have your dog stay!! I just picked up Arya, my mixed breed puppy with severe separation anxiety, and although she took some time to adjust and had some prize “Houdini” moves for them, everyone at Keshet was there for her and very responsive to her needs. She seems to have really enjoyed it, and I know I’m extremely impressed with the service provided. The extra care and time taken with both the dogs and their people is very much appreciated. I’ll be recommending you to all my dog-owner friends! Thank you!!

February 6, 2013 via Facebook


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