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A major component to enjoying a happy and healthy life with your canine companion is to ensure that you have a well behaved and well balanced dog. This does not happen by allowing the dog to have absolute freedom to rule the roost. It happens by ensuring a stable environment and consistency with regards to your expectations of your furry friend’s acceptable behaviour.

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Once your dog has some basic obedience, it opens the doors to their ability to participate in group activities and sports. In addition to providing a means for exercise and mental stimulation, it is also an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your dog. Fun ways of enhancing the human-canine relationship best describes the theme of the courses we offer at Keshet Kennels. Refer to Course Descriptions below.

For dogs that board with us, Back 2 Basics and Puppy Development sessions are also available. Not available until further notice.

Ongoing & Upcoming course offerings will always be posted on our Events page.


Periodically, Keshet hosts informative and educational seminars on issues relevant to canine welfare.

Keshet is committed to sharing information of interest to the canine community.

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Trainers & Coaches  for In-House Courses/Activities

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Course Descriptions 

Recreational Agility ‑ Agility is a fun activity to do with your dog. The sport challenges energetic dogs, helps shy dogs build confidence and the teamwork will strengthen the human-canine bond. Some of the obstacles your dog will learn to maneuver are: jumps, tire jumps, Tunnels/Chutes, A-Frame, Dog‑Walk & Pause Table, Seesaw & Weave Poles.

Led by Fumie Watanabe, CPDT-KA (Happy Fido Company) and assisted by Claudia Jodouin.

Offered only in the Spring & Fall.

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Back 2 Basics – B2B sessions are designed to be a recreational and educational activity for dogs during their stay at Keshet. With a strong focus on basic obedience, these sessions provide opportunities for your dog to learn new skills and reinforce old ones.

Coached by Sarah Smith

Puppy Development – Puppy Development sessions are designed to provide learning experiences for pups under 8-months old during their stay at Keshet.

Coached by Sarah Smith

Play & Learn ‑ Our Play & Learn Classes are designed to incorporate a variety of interactive activities for you and your dog to enjoy. Through the use of various tools, games and instructional exercises, each session has an educational element while maintaining a casual and non-competitive environment.

Coached by Sarah Smith.

Generally offered in the Spring & Fall.

Introduction to Canine Sports ‑ Can’t decide which sport to get into with your dog? Get a little taste of everything before investing. Introduction to Canine Sports will introduce the basics of: Rally-O, Agility, Treibball Basics, Scent Tracking Activities and Interactive Puzzles & Games.

Coached by Sarah Smith.

Generally offered in the Spring & Fall.