Farris Cornell / Olivia

This was Olivia’s first time in the habitat, and i just wanted to let you know we had a great time and we’ll be back. Of course the pond was a big hit for my pup, but the hanging rope was almost equally exciting for her. Thank you for having an amazing spot for us to enjoy.

June 14, 2020 via Email


Donna Petrie | Lacey

My dog and I love coming here to explore. The space is amazing and so much fun for them. We have rented their facilities a few times now and love how it caters for the dog and is for their wellbeing, not just an entirely empty field that may be good for throwing a ball, but not letting them use their brain! From lots of running space /jumps/enrichment fun/sniffing and exploring areas in the fully fenced Habitat area, to our first visit to the Marshland area today (a 30+ acre walkway of forest and marshland) it was great for all of us. Was happy to see my dog ( that usually avoids water) wade through the pond over and over again. Could not recommend it any more.

May 17, 2020 via Facebook



The Habitat looks amazing! We had a great time with the water! Was a lovely day.
Thank you

June 14, 2020 via Email

Kassandra Woodley | Ivy

I cannot rave enough about Keshet Kennels and the care they gave Ivy as a reactive dog. When we picked her up today they said she did great, had been eating her food and really enjoyed having a pen where she could go outside whenever she wanted. They did say that she wasn’t comfortable around all the handlers when they would come in her kennel but that she has bonded with the woman who checked her in.

I am seriously so so incredibly pleased with how confident they seemed in Ivy’s special behavioural needs and the set up they had to cope with her. If anyone is in the Ottawa area look them up! .
I’m very happy to have Ivy home, and she’s completely tuckered out. I guess that means she had a good time

March 16, 2020 via Instagram


Theresia Wolfe | Marty

Can’t say enough good things about Keshet! We’ve been putting our dog into their care for over 6 years. Their care for the dogs is incredible. We call this place Doggy Heaven and that’s exactly what it is. Customer service is 10/10 and we love the personal touch, as they take professional photos of the dogs during their stay and look forward to seeing our pup having a blast! Debbie, the owner, goes above and beyond and helped us out a great deal, we cannot thank her enough for her compassion, guidance and big heart! A gem of a place. HIGHLY recommend.

February 25, 2020 via Google



Calvin Mak | Kona

Fantastic kennel and rescue. The site is large with lots of area for the dogs to play. Training areas also available on site. The staff here are super nice. There’s also someone on staff that is a fantastic photographer. The boarding cost is slightly higher than other nearby Kennels but the level of service and care more than justifies the price difference.

January 31, 2020 via Google


Katie G | Ripley

We have been taking our very active dog to Keshet for over a year now (boarding and daycare). Keshet has wonderful customer service and has been absolutely great with our dog. We feel confident leaving her there because we know she loves it (she runs in really excited!). A few times I’ve had to call to rearrange timing and they have been very helpful. They think about safety too – with the recent icy conditions, they mentioned that they would have to keep her active with one on one work given the risk of injury if she were out running around – I was grateful to hear they thought of this before I did (or before our dog got an injury from running on ice!). Would highly recommend Keshet!

January 2, 2020 via Google




Amanda Martel | Georgia

Just picked up our little puppy, Georgia! Honestly the best decision we’ve ever made was putting her here for the 10 days we were on vacation! She was definitely well taken care of and so loved! We got updated photos and letters on how she was doing! We even got an amazing picture to bring home! We will definitely be back and won’t go to any other place when we need to put her in a kennel. So impressed! Amazing staff! Amazing facility!!

October  9, 2019 via Facebook


Manaf Belayachi | Sirius



September 18, 2019 via Google


Martin Roy | Zoey

Great place for your dog.

September 8, 2019 via Google


Stephane Gagne | Ivy

Our dog gets very nervous but she manages well there and she comes back always tired. Great place and friendly staff.

May 30, 2019 via Facebook




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