Blood Donors
July 17, 2014

Blood! A complex and efficient biologic fluid, it is the essence of life for creatures big and small. It is made up of several different components, each of which are important in the functionality of our physical bodies. Distributing nutrients, carrying oxygen, eliminating toxins, and fighting infections are just a few of the vital roles...Read more Read

Breed Spotlight: Afghan Hounds
July 11, 2014

Renowned for their flowing, silky coats and distinctive appearance, Afghan Hounds are a formidable breed with a long and fascinating history. The combination of their unique look, confident gaze, and long, powerful strides, give the Afghan Hound an air of nobility or aristocracy. If truth be told, many enthusiasts actually describe Afghans as an intelligent...Read more Read

Keshet Kennels: A Great Place for Dogs to Swim
July 3, 2014

Summer is officially upon us and nothing chases away memories of a long, lazy winter better than a sultry summer day.  Taking a dip is a great way for your dog to get exercise and beat the summer heat. According to many Ottawa residents, there are surprisingly few safe and legal places to let your...Read more Read