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Keshet Kennels: A Great Place for Dogs to Swim

The Habitat
Summer is officially upon us and nothing chases away memories of a long, lazy winter better than a sultry summer day.  Taking a dip is a great way for your dog to get exercise and beat the summer heat.

According to many Ottawa residents, there are surprisingly few safe and legal places to let your dog swim. Despite the size and number of local fresh water sources in our region, finding a suitable spot for your dogs to take a dip can be tough. Steep banks, populated beaches, and areas prohibiting off-leash play, can pose a real problem. As a result, many dog owners are forced to get creative when finding a place to let their pooch cool off.   The beaches and recreational areas that do allow dogs to swim are often overpopulated, regardless of the weather or time of day. This may be a great environment for some dogs, but not for those that require a little more personal space. At Keshet Kennels/Rescue, we offer a safe alternative to public dog park swimming. Known as the Habitat, this doggy oasis has various attractions that will keep your canine companion busy every time you visit.

The Habitat includes:

  • An easily accessible, off-leash environment for dogs to swim, run, and play in safety.
  • 8 ft. high industrial chain-link fencing surrounding approximately 2 acres of land.
  • Man-made swimming pond with natural settings.
  • Filtered water, an 8 ft. waterfall, and a gravity fed stream.
  • Several mature trees, shrubs, and bushes to rest under.
  • Various dens and tunnels to explore.

The Habitat can easily accommodate large and small groups for swims and off-leash play, or have the whole place to yourself and enjoy a great solo experience. Our wholehearted approach to canine care means that all breeds are welcome at our facilities.

Keshet Kennels/Rescue is located less than 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa, in Carlsbad Springs, ON.  For more information on the Habitat and other rentable areas, check out our facilities rentals page.

Summer is short, make the most of it by bringing your dog(s) to Keshet Kennels/Rescue’s full-service facilities.



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