Life Skills Training Session

The Life Skills program is a fun and engaging learning opportunity for dogs of all ages. Focusing on basic obedience, managing excitement, and confidence-building, this program will help your dog learn new skills to navigate the world and enrich their stay at Keshet.

Life Skills sessions will meet your dog at their current skill level with training exercises and games to improve obedience skills and decision-making in a variety of contexts. We do not focus on behaviour modification, but rather on building fundamental skills to better interact with the world and prepare for more advanced and competitive training. We use games and reward-based methods to keep dogs motivated and engaged, ensure good choices are repeated, and keep learning fun!

Each session is 40-45 minutes in duration with a strong focus on basic obedience, and can be broken down into three parts:

  • To begin the session, we spend some time assessing each dog’s skills to create a training plan that will fit their needs and abilities. We may warm up with a short training game or by practicing your dog’s favourite behaviour to get them engaged and excited to learn.
  • We will move on to practicing basic obedience behaviours. If your dog has a strong foundation of skills, we will adjust the level of difficulty, introduce distractions, and progress to more advanced skills.
    • For puppies, sessions will be adjusted to their skills and developmental needs. Sessions will have a basic obedience component, but will have a greater focus on social skills, confidence-building, and co-operative care.
  • To finish each session, we like to lighten the mood with fun and interactive activities. Depending on the dog’s age, ability, and interests, this may include nose-work, games, puzzles, light agility, or outdoor off-leash time.

If you are looking to get advice on more specialized training or behavioral issues, please see our associates page for training personnel and contact info at

What’s Included

  • 40 – 45 minute session
  • Follow-up Pawgress Report detailing what was worked on

Participating Trainers

Trainer currently participating in the Life Skills Training Program is:

  • Ty Brunet


The cost of each 40-45 minute session is $50.00 + HST.

How to Book

Select the Life Skills option from the “Add On” list during the normal on-line booking process and choose the number of sessions you would like your dog(s) to receive.


  • At this time, the Life Skills Training sessions are limited to boarding reservations of 3 nights or more. Sessions are not available to daycare.
  • Due to the limited availability of Life Skills Training Sessions, we cannot guarantee sessions will always be available for your stay, especially if your dog already has well developed skills and you are only looking to add on for variety.
  • For availability of Life Skills Training sessions once your booking has been confirmed, please communicate directly with the Ty at