Adoption Process

Our adoption process is based on the concept of achieving 5 fundamental milestones. It is not about the number of times you visit the dog, but rather, the time it takes for you and the dog to accomplish each milestone. Milestones may take longer to achieve with some dogs, and less time with others. Although individual situations may vary slightly, the overall process stays the same.

Our adoption process involves a commitment of time from potential adopters, and will result in multiple trips to our facilities at your expense. Our priority is to provide each of our dogs with the tools for success in an environment they can thrive.

Below is our adoption process guideline.

Milestone 1 The first milestone can be accomplished in one of two ways:

If you have filled out an application, your first milestone would be to visit the dog you have applied to adopt. This visit will be with a member of Keshet Kennels/Rescue, and will act as an interview of sorts to determine owner suitability.

If you have met the dog, your first milestone would be to fill out an adoption application form. It is essential that we take into account all aspects of the dog’s potentially new lifestyle.

Milestone 2 The second milestone is intended to give you time alone with the dog so that you may begin bonding.

We invite you to use our facilities and spend some quality time getting to know the dog.  We encourage you to engage in a variety of activities to ensure the dog is a good match for your home.

We advise that all family members, or anyone handling the dog on a daily basis, come along as well to ensure compatibility.  At this time, we also advise that you use our facilities to introduce the potential adoptee to any family/friend’s dog(s) that may share your home.  If an introduction to another dog is required, it may result in additional visits.  The adoption process will not proceed until we see that the dogs are able to live together harmoniously and without altercation.

Milestone 3 The third milestone will allow you to take the dog off the property for some quality time.

We encourage you to take the dog for a car ride to your home and introduce them to their new environment.  Provided things go well, a sleepover would be the next step and would likely result in a more comfortable first night for everyone involved.

Milestone 4 The forth milestone, also known as the sleepover, is a week-long stay with the dog at your place of residence. This milestone also includes a mandatory house visit. The purpose of the house visit is to be able to accurately assess all aspects of the dog’s potential new lifestyle.

This milestone is intended to ensure the dog is a great match for you and comfortable in their new home.  We believe that, in order for the dog to adjust to their new surroundings, it must be given a few days to become familiar with the environment.

Depending on the dog, the first few days may result in a stress reaction. They may exhibit uncommon behaviours, such as: panting, unsettled behavior or quiet, reserved behavior.  In our experience, a couple of days in their new home is just what they need to start feeling and acting more like themselves.  If for any reason you determine that the dog is not a good fit for your home, you are under no obligation to complete the sleepover and must return the dog to Keshet.

Milestone 5 The fifth milestone is finalizing the adoption.

Adoptions can only be finalized by returning to Keshet Kennels/Rescue and signing the appropriate paperwork.  The price for adopting a dog through Keshet is $700 + HST.

We appreciate the opportunity to stay involved in the lives or our adopted rescues and enjoy receiving updates on their progress.

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