Giving Back

Keshet Kennels/Rescue believes in giving back to our community. Below is a list of ways, to date, in which we give back to local organizations.

Rescue Rates

Keshet Kennels/Rescue supports other canine rescue organizations by providing a discount on our services. Occasionally, the need arises for other rescues to rent our facilities, or board a dog with us. We believe that all canine rescues are working towards a common goal, and that by offering support to other organizations, we are contributing to that goal of helping dogs in need.

CO-OP Placements & Volunteer Hours

At Keshet Kennels/Rescue, we encourage students to get involved with all aspects of canine care. Keshet offers a place for high school students to complete their volunteer hours, and co-op placements for both high school and college students. We believe that volunteer work with our organization can teach students valuable life skills. Students get exposure to all aspects of canine health, including: grooming, feeding, walking, playing, cleaning, and administering medications. They would also learn about canine behaviour and important dog handling skills.

We encourage those looking to pursue a career in the veterinary field, to first gain some knowledge of the industry through volunteer work. If interested in becoming a volunteer, please check out our volunteer page, or e-mail us at

Social Services

We are very pleased to be working with Social Services Ottawa by offering a place for young adults to walk and care for dogs. We believe that working with dogs has many therapeutic benefits, and by tending to the dog’s basic needs, personal growth and development are achieved. We also believe that caring for dogs helps to inspire values and life skills, and that everyone comes away from the experience with something different.

Microchip Scanning

In an effort to reunite owners with their lost pets, Keshet offers free microchip scanning. This service is available to anyone that has found a lost pet and is interested in having the pet scanned for microchip identification.