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Breed: Dalmatian
Sex: Male

Birthday: August 11, 2021
Rescued: November 16, 2021
Re-Homed: June 29, 2022

Status: Adopted



Health Issues

  • None


  • Beau is a sweet, energetic puppy who is not a fan of our cold winter temperatures, even with a jacket! He does love to play inside and when the nice weather comes, hopefully he will love outdoors as well.
  • He’s still learning not to mess inside & because of the cold temperatures this can be a challenge. Beau will put the brakes on if he’s not willing to go out, so patience with him will be very important. He is responding well to “Busy, Busy” for when he relieves himself, while outside.
  • He is food motivated, so using appropriate treats to reward him outside might be required. We haven’t seen any signs of food or resource guarding with Beau. We would encourage a slow feeder food dish, to moderate his intake at meal times.
  • He is slightly destructive, as a puppy might be and age appropriate toys would help to curb this. Beau loves to carry things, like an old glove, when outside. He is learning to release it when asked, and take it again when given the word.
  • Beau can be mouthy, as he is still a pup, however he is learning quite well to take a nylabone instead, again all with associated words to what you want him to achieve.
  • Initially in new environments Beau is hesitant in moving forward however, with allowing him time to take everything in and work with him on his timeline, his self-confidence, curiosity and response improves.
  • Beau loves to jump on things and be high up for cuddles. He has done some agility obstacles and enjoys jumping onto the tunnel, ‘A’ frame and table. He’s also shown how he loves to jump over low obstacles.
  • He does enjoy romping around in the free run areas, and keeps an eye on you to see where you are. Recall is improving.
  • Beau is very smart and loves to learn.

Owner Suitability

  • Being that Dalmatians have specific dietary needs, we are looking for a home for Beau that has previous Dalmatian experience. Definitely must have previous experience owning a dog.
  • Beau’s been working with a trainer for a few months, and has become very obedient with many basic commands. His leash skills are coming along nicely, and he’s very used to a harness. Beau should have a home with a fenced in yard, but leash walks will be important for him to maintain good health and keep up with his leash manners and social skills.
  • A home with children over 10 yrs old is possible for Beau, families with younger children may not have enough time or energy to continue his training.
  • A home with no other dog and an owner who is fairly active, will give him time to mature and go on adventures with.
  • Would be best suited in a home without cats.