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Breed: Rottweiler
Sex: Male

Birthday: June 16, 2014
Rescued: December 30, 2019
Re-Homed: April 8, 2020

Status: Adopted



  • Once Blue gets to know you, he will lay with his head in your lap forever for belly rubs. He loves butt scratches, and seems to prefer not to have his face too close to yours for too long, but will give short kisses, again once you’ve formed a bond with him. Too vigorous petting with excitement will get his purr/growl going, but nothing more.
  • Through the fence, he will react back at a dog that’s barking aggressively, but will wag his tail and sniff noses with well behaved dogs.
  • Blue walks well on leash, but he’s strong, and can catch you off guard and give a good pull if he gets interested in something out of his reach.
  • Plays kick ball with people, growls during play. He’s slightly possessive of his toys and food bowl, so waiting for him to move away from his ball (favorite toy) is especially important. He gives a look when you’re too close to those things in a smaller area.
  • Doesn’t love nail trims, but tolerates it from a trusted person with a muzzle on, and are quick about it.
  • Blue knows some commands, such as sit, shake a paw.

Owner Suitability

  • Blue will need an experienced handler of Rottweilers or of similar large breeds, and would do well with older children that are also experienced.
  • Although good on leash, (with the exception of pulling when he sees something), he likes to explore. To that end, having a place that is fenced in for him to be off leash would be important.
  • He seems to prefer men, but does like the women he’s bonded to.
  • Blue is best suited to a home with no other animals so he can have all the attention, but he has lived in a home for a small amount of time with a small dog and a cat. Please note: we have not yet tested this for ourselves).
  • His energy level isn’t very high, but playing with another dog is possible with the right introduction…. without toys or food around, he likes to play chase, but doesn’t last long. Blue loves walks. He is not really suited for the dog park.
  • Blue would need to have a family conscientious of his weight and make sure his love for the couch doesn’t get in the way of his need for daily exercise.
  • Unsure of particular seasonal allergies, how ever it has been noted that he has had chapped lips in the past, so being aware of things to look for will be important going forward.