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Breed: Dalmatian
Sex: Male

Birthday: April 28, 2012
Rescued: May 24, 2015
Re-Homed: August 1, 2015

Status: Adopted

Blood Donor: N/A


Health Issue(s)

  • None
  • Dalmatian’s may be prone to urinary tract crystals. Blue is currently on a preventative low-purine Lamb & Rice diet.


  • Blue is a shy boy but very affectionate with those he knows and trusts.
  • He is not particularly play driven but enjoys opportunities to go on walks and hang out with his people.
  • He is a bit wary of strangers but warms up to them once he realizes they aren’t a threat.
  • Loud noises or fast movements may make him nervous and may cause him to shy away from people or situations.
  • He can be a bit dominant with certain dogs, especially unaltered males.
  • Blue is currently attending an obedience class and showing some real progress.
  • He may be a bit vocal when he meets unfamiliar people or dogs but usually settles when told.

Owner Suitability

  • A fenced yard is a must as Blue’s interest in checking out the neighbourhood may cause him to stray.
  • Experience with large breed dogs would be considered an asset.
  • Blue has a moderate energy level. He would benefit from daily walks and, typical to his breed, needs exercise and other outlets to keep his mind and body active.
  • Not tested with cats but doesn’t seem to demonstrate any prey drive.
  • Does not seem to demonstrate any food or possession guarding issues, he would likely be good with children.
  • Could most likely live with another dog that is tolerant of Blue’s energy level and, at times, dominant personality.
  • It would be great if Blue’s new owners were able to commit to a training schedule to further develop his social skills, manners and basic commands.