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Breed: German ShepherdRottweiler Mix
Sex: Male

Birthday: October 17, 2005
Rescued: May 6, 2014
Re-Homed: January 7, 2015
Passed: April 9, 2016

Status: Adopted


Health Issue(s)

  • Allergy to chicken, currently on a Lamb & Rice diet and doing well.
  • Takes Glucosamine on a daily basis (lubricates joints).


  • He is very driven by attention and affection.
  • He has typical husky vocalizations when excited.
  • Chico is a real people dog, he loves to be involved with what his people are doing but is very respectful of space and doesn’t beg for attention, he’s happy to just hang out.
  • He can be a little skittish and shows his sensitivity by whining when in an unfamiliar situation.
  • He loves walks, playing ball, and toys that make noise.
  • Not crazy about having his nails done but likes to be brushed and cuddled.

Owner Suitability

  • Experience with large breeds is an asset.
  • Activity level is low-moderate but has occasional playful fits of sprinting, likes to play chase.
  • He would be best suited to a home with people around for most of the day.
  • He is great with kids of all ages, no cats please.
  • Chico can live in a home with another dog but a docile companion would be best.
  • His leash and doggy-meeting manners require a little attention but we are working daily to improve
    upon his minor issues.