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Breed: Australian Shepherd
Sex: Male

Birthday: May 20, 2022
Rescued: March 19, 2024
Re-Homed: March 24, 2024

Status: Adopted



Health Issues

  • Temporary bald patch on right side as a result of recovering from a bite sustained few days prior to coming into rescue.


  • Koda is a loving and affectionate guy who will thrive in a home with people around most of the time to keep him company.
  • Koda is very athletic! Enjoys basketball, fetch, tug of war, running, playing in the snow and likes treats and kibbles out of puzzle dishes/toys.
  • Koda is a bit shy meeting new people in new places, but within a short time and some ball throwing, he will open up and show you his affectionate side.
  • Koda doesn’t like people in hoodies, and may not like seeing people run/jog.
  • Koda can be reactive to other dogs on leash.
  • Koda’s recall is great, but he doesn’t like to be far from the ones he loves anyway!
  • Koda smiles, but you have to know his smiles, as one is a warning that he is not happy with the situation.
  • Koda likes other dogs, but because of his recent bite, may possibly have fear of a particular breed or become reactive specifically to one dog.

Owner Suitability

  • Koda’s forever family must respect that he needs a few minutes to adjust to new people.
  • Koda would be a great companion for someone who works from home, full or part time.
  • Koda would be best suited for a home with people who want an athletic, affectionate dog.
  • Koda would do well in any dog oriented sport such as agility.
  • Koda would benefit from a fenced in yard as he loves to run around and he would be a good companion for long walks and hikes.
  • An apartment/condo/duplex is not ideal for Koda. He does not like fire alarms, and can be a bit vocal when he wants your attention, and may bark when you leave on occasion.
  • Koda’s forever home could have kids, but older dog savvy kids would likely be more suitable based on his needs for attention.
  • His new owner must plan to take him to a groomer regularly.
  • Koda lived with 2 cats most of his life, so a home with cats who like dog company would be suitable.
  • Koda enjoys car rides, and was a regular at different dog friendly establishments. However, this would be best reserved for after you have built a bond with him and he trusts you.