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BreedGerman Shepherd Dog
Sex: Female

Birthday: June 4, 2010
Rescued: June 24, 2015
Re-Homed: August 19, 2015

Status: Adopted

Blood Donor: N/A

Health Issue(s)

  • None


  • Sweet girl with a great personality.
  • Faithful and loyal to her Human. Her favourite spot is snuggled up close by her people.
  • She is highly attuned to people, and will work at helping you (nudging, licking, etc.) if you are feeling emotional.
  • She selects her dog companions carefully, choosing dogs closer to her own size versus smaller breeds.
  • Her prey drive is at times present, and her new owner will need to be alert, and quick to respond.
  • She enjoys being outside and loves the water.
  • Knows many commands.
  • Enjoys fetch with her ball.

Owner Suitability

  • Experience with large breed dogs, especially German Shepherds, is an asset.
  • Someone active and in good physical health.
  • Lucy would be happiest in a home with no other animals and where there are people around for a large portion of the day.
  • She will happily take the lead over people and other dogs if her Handler does not know how to lead and motivate her.
  • She demonstrates moderate to high energy level, and will require an active owner.
  • She will bark at strangers if left unsupervised, but will stop with a firm voice command.
  • Hasn’t been tested with cats, only other dogs. She can be reactive with small dogs, especially white dogs.