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Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Sex: Female

Birthday: March 7, 2019
Rescued: September 18, 2019
Re-Homed: November 25, 2019

Status: Adopted


  • Meeka is an outdoor lover, she loves playing around in the snow.
  • Enjoys relaxing with her people once she’s had a chance to burn off her energy.
  • She is a very social girl, and loves other dogs. Her play style is very active, tug of war rolling around and wrestling as well as some chase. She’ll often be found relaxing with the other dog while they gather some energy for another round!
  • Meeka walks extremely well on a harness and especially enjoys being active in the winter.
  • At this time, being still a puppy, Meeka is destructive but when she’s been able to burn off her energy, she’s less likely to be bored indoor.
  • She may be a bit vocal when she is excited for something (food, play, people), but settles nicely when she gets what she is interested in.

Owner Suitability

  • Meeka would do best in a country home with a fenced in yard and a lot of space for her to explore.
  • Her ideal home would do better with a family of one or more adults, where someone is home some of the day, and with older children, who have dog experience.
  • She’ll need supervision while she learns her boundaries inside and outside. Her boredom can lead to destruction or ingestion of miscellaneous objects.
  • She’s a curious girl and a digger, therefore, yards with a lot of clutter won’t be suitable for her.
  • Because she likes to play tug of war with a stick and other dogs, she wouldn’t do well with dogs who are possessive of their things. She would need to be fed separately from other animals in the home.
  • Meeka will need a routine with daily exercise, because of her breed, it’s important she maintains physical fitness throughout her life.
  • Being that Meeka is still young, she needs a family that won’t mind the training that is required with such a young dog and preferably experienced with large breed dog similar to Meeka.
  • Meeka is crate trained, however, never recommended that she is for extended periods of time.