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Breed: Rottweiler Mix
Sex: Female

Birthday: ~ December 2007
Rescued: July 10,  2009
Re-Homed: November 9, 2014

Status: Adopted


Health Issue(s)

  • Had surgery in 2011 to repair her torn ACL muscle, she’s made a complete recovery with no complications.


  • Fun loving and very active.
  • Sounds the alarm when an unfamiliar person approaches the property but warms up quickly once she realizes they are no threat.
  • She gets a little uncomfortable around men that have their faces covered (hoods, scarves, etc.)
  • Loves to play: catches balls, swims and is great on the treadmill.
  • Equally interested in learning and cuddling with her person.
  • Prefers not to cuddle too long, because she needs to see what is happening with the world around her.
  • Extremely intelligent and would do well with someone who likes to train in obedience or a sport.
  • Not crazy about her feet being touched.
  • When it comes to trimming her nails Mia has some body guarding issues.
  • Hard for her to contain her excitement. Mia loves to move and often quivers with anticipation.

Owner Suitability

  • Must be part of an active home. She needs an outlet for her energy as well as her mind.
  • Suited for a family with older kids, as she can be rambunctious.
  • Fenced yard is an absolute must for Mia.
  • Very good with other dogs, although can get a little rough and doesn’t want to stop playing.
  • Unsure how she would behave around cats.
  • Known to get car sick, so it may be necessary to slowly ease her into long road trips.