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Breed:  German Short-Hair Pointer
Sex: Male

Birthday: October 14, 2010
Rescued: September 26, 2019
Re-Homed: January 2, 2020

Status:  Adopted




Health Issues

  • None
  • Has a few age related lumps on his body


  • Monty is an affectionate and energetic boy.
  • Monty very much enjoys opportunities to hang out with people, especially when it involves playing fetch.
  • Walks nicely on leash, although much prefers to run around off leash.
  • Exhibits some reactivity to people and other dogs while behind a fence, but once he’s with people, he stops and is very happy to go about his own activities.
  • Bonds strongly with people.
  • Can get a bit possessive of what he views as his.

Owner Suitability

  • Monty’s energy level is moderate to high and would benefit from daily interactive outdoor activities, especially if it involves exploring or fetch. As a senior, however, it is important that he is provided with down time after time spent burning his energy.
  • He would be best suited to a home with only adults, as he can get a bit possessive of his toys. He would likely do well in a home with dog-savvy kids around 14 years or older.
  • Monty would be best suited in a home without other animals: dogs, cats or  small animals.
  • Although he prefers his time off leash and his good recall, it is essential for his new owner to understand that he is not suited to going to a dog park. For this reason, a fenced in yard is a must.