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Breed: Boston Terrier
Sex: Male

Birthday: January 5, 2013
Rescued: August 15, 2015
Rehomed: May 2, 2016

Status: Adopted
Passed: March 12, 2021


Health Issue(s)

  • Severe allergy to chicken, and seasonal reactivity to environmental allergens


  • This boy has lots of character!
  • He LOVES to cuddle.
  • He is very clear about his likes and dislikes, and may become quite obstinate when asked to do something he has no desire to do.
  • He may become quite vocal when he is in pursuit of something he wants, and even more so if he is denied what it is he’s after.
  • He enjoys the company of men, women and children, but may become overly excitable around men and children.
  • Murphy enjoys playing with other dogs but may be a bit dominant with some.
  • He is motivated by food and affection, training should be positive, low-key and consistent.
  • Has lots of love to give, and relishes any opportunity to be involved in family activities.

Owner Suitability

  • Murphy would be best suited in a home where people are around for a large portion of the day.
  • He would need someone that is able to commit to regular training and exercise.
  • Murphy loves to go for walks but he is best suited to an indoor lifestyle.
  • He has a low tolerance for extreme weather conditions.
  • A fenced yard is highly recommended.
  • Experience with the Boston Terrier breed is an asset.
  • He can live with another dog, but one that can tolerate his level of energy and ignores his sometimes less-appealing behaviours is preferred.
  • Murphy would need his new owners to strictly enforce his dietary requirements, and provide any means of relieving his allergy discomfort, including, veterinary attention and medications, if necessary.