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Breed: Australian Shepherd
Sex: Male

Birthday: September 9, 2019
Rescued: March 19, 2023
Re-Homed: August 14, 2023

Status: Adopted



Health Issues

  • None


  • Ozzie is a loving and affectionate guy who will thrive in a home with people around most of the time to keep him company.
  • Ozzie does have some separation anxiety and meeting new people in new places can be difficult for Ozzie, but within a short time, and patience, he will open up.
  • Ozzie needs to work on his leash manners, as he does pull when walking.
  • As Ozzie becomes more socialized, he likes the company of dogs. Although not a player, he has a growing buddy list!
  • His recall is great, but he doesn’t like to be far from the ones he loves anyway!
  • Ozzie knows his basic commands.

Owner Suitability

  • Ozzie’s forever family must be patient with him while meeting new people and need to respect that he needs space when meeting new people coming into his space. He will not do well when people he doesn’t know are in his face.
  • Ozzie would be a great companion for someone who works from home, full or part time.
  • He would be best suited for a home with people who want an affectionate dog.
  • Ozzie would benefit from a fenced in yard as he pulls a lot on leash but with consistent work on leash, he would be a great companion for long walks and hikes.
  • Because Ozzie can be a bit vocal when he wants your attention, and may bark when you leave on occasion, an apartment/condo/duplex may not be ideal.
  • Ozzie’s forever home could have kids, but older dog savvy kids would likely be more suitable based on his needs for attention.
  • His new owner must plan to take him to a groomer regularly, preferably one he is familiar with.