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Breed: Great Dane Mix
Sex: Female

Birthday: July 14, 2017
Rescued: July 16, 2019
Re-Homed: September 5, 2019

Status: Adopted


Health Issues

  • None


  • Initially a bit shy with new people. She may sound the “bark alarm” when someone unfamiliar approaches. Once she is familiar with them, she is all love and cuddles.
  • An affectionate and people-oriented dog. She greets people politely without jumping up.
  • Likes to be touched, does not have any body-guarding issues and tolerates grooming well.
  • May exhibit reactive behaviours towards other dogs while on-leash and behind fences. With consistent redirection, she is learning not to react to other dogs as much. She will mirror their behaviour. If the other dog is calm, she has less trouble passing by. If the dog is excited, she gets ramped up easily which results in a fair amount of pulling on leash and vocalizing.
  • She may be a bit vocal when she is excited for something (food, play, people), but settles nicely when she gets what she is interested in.
  • She does not perceive her size as an issue- she believes she fits in laps perfectly!

Owner Suitability

  • Requires an experienced large breed dog owner who is willing to commit time to ongoing training.
  • Best suited to a home in which she is the only dog. No cats or small children.
  • Would do best living in a country setting. She enjoys walks and free time in the yard.
  • She enjoys playing ball, although, playful bursts are usually short-lived.
  • Moderate level of exercise required, she would benefit from daily walks and opportunities to play throughout the day.
  • Enjoys being around her people. She would benefit from a home with older children to keep her busy and active.
  • Even in the country setting she would be best suited to live in, a fenced yard or play area is preferred.
  • Peanut may not be a dog-park dog, but she is a gentle, affectionate and sweet girl. She would excel in a home where there are routine and boundaries, but also lots of people activity in which she can participate.