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Breed: Husky & Australian Shepherd Mix
Sex: Male

Birthday: December 2008
Rescued: February 19, 2015
Re-Homed: May 3, 2015

Status: Adopted


Health Issue(s)

  • None


  • Very sweet and spirited boy that loves attention.
  • Loves to be around people and participate in all of the family’s activities.
  • He catches onto things quickly. He is very intelligent and his food motivation makes training easy.
  • He can be a bit head strong. We are working on his recall, which has improved tremendously.
  • He can become a bit vocal when excited for something but settles nicely afterwards.
  • Gets along well with other dogs but he may snap at them if they pester him.
  • Has exhibited resource guarding towards other dogs and people over high valued items.
  • He may show his discomfort in an unpleasant situation by mouthing handler, especially for nail trims or vet visits.

Owner Suitability

  • A fenced yard is a must, he often gets caught up in the environment and wants to check out everything. He may stray if something catches his attention.
  • He is showing real promise in Agility and may benefit from structured group classes.
  • Was very friendly and polite with the few cats he’s met.
  • Can easily live with another dog, as long as the dog will respect Pudding’s boundaries.
  • Older kids would be a great match for his energy level but must be mindful of his resource guarding tendencies.
  • He will thrive in a home that demonstrates strong leadership and a willingness to teach. He has come a long way but needs to be reminded of the rules or he will make up his own.
  • He is crate trained.
  • Would be best suited to a home that has people around for most of the day.
  • Energy level is moderate. He loves his walks but is also content to just hang out with family.