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Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Sex: Female

Birthday: ~May 2014
Rescued: April 18, 2016
Re-Homed: November 5, 2016

Status: Adopted


Health Issue(s)

  • Was initially heartworm positive, but has since been treated and retested negative.


  • Very affectionate girl.
  • Loves to play fetch, very good about retrieving.
  • Food motivated, which makes training easy.
  • Her eager-to-please attitude means she likes to learn new things and relishes any opportunity to participate in family activities.
  • She is curious by nature, confident, very loyal and a real cuddle bug.
  • Can be a bit possessive over high valued items, especially towards other dogs and people she doesn’t know well.
  • Not overly vocal but won’t hesitate to “sound the alarm” when an unfamiliar person or dog enters the premises.
  • Loves to swim and jump in the water after toys, would make a terrific DockDog.
  • May demonstrate some “selective hearing” when out for walks, especially if she discovers something of interest.
  • Intelligent girl, knows her basic obedience commands.

Owner Suitability

  • Experience with large breed dogs is an asset.
  • A fenced yard is recommended.
  • Not tested with cats, has displayed some prey-drive tendencies.
  • Best suited to a home in which she is the only dog.
  • Would be happy to share her life with a family and children, provided they are old enough to understand boundaries.