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Breed: Euraiser
Sex: Male

Birthday: February 22, 2013
Rescued: December 22, 2017
Re-Homed: April 6, 2018

Status: Adopted


Health Issue(s) 

  • Was on Anxitane for anxiety when he came into our care, but has since almost completely been weaned off with positive results.


    • Affectionate and people friendly, especially with those he knows well.
    • A quiet boy that only sounds the alarm when unfamiliar people or dogs are passing by.
    • Loves attention, walks, cuddles and treats.
    • Likes to play interactive games (pick a hand, etc.)
    • Medium activity level, loves to play chase.
    • True to the Spitz breeds, can be head-strong and may be apprehensive towards unfamiliar people/dogs.
    • Can be possessive of food, toys and high value items, especially towards dogs and cats. Ruxin may also become protective of people he trusts.
    • Can spend time with other dog-friendly dogs after a proper introduction and supervision with no access to food/toys that he may try to protect. If he is interacting with other dogs, it is best for him to be with respectful/lower energy dogs, as he gets nervous/anxious with sudden movements and will warn others to give him space.
    • Tolerates some grooming but does not enjoy it. He responds well if you make it a fun and enjoyable experience (lots of praise and treats).
    • Food motivated and intelligent with an eager-to-please attitude about training.
    • The genetic makeup of an Eurasier is: Chow Chow, Samoyed & Keeshond. Ruxin displays the playful/people friendly aspect of the Samoyed’s average behaviour and the protective instincts of the Chow Chow.

Owner Suitability 

    • Experience with Spitz breeds would be an asset.
    • Needs a owner with strong leadership skills to keep on top of the possessiveness he can exhibit. Also one that can learn to read his body language in the event he gets anxious and needs space.
    • Would do best in a single-dog home (refer to temperament).
    • Requires a relatively calm home environment. The anxiety Ruxin experienced in his previous home was related to high activity levels, especially unpredictable stimulis, such as having toddlers around.
    • Would do well in a home with dog-savvy children older than 12 years. Definitely no toddlers.
    • He likes to explore, so a fenced yard would be ideal.