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Breed: Labernese *
(Bernese Mtn Dog / Labrador Retriever X)
Sex: Male

Birthday: February 21, 2018
Rescued: May 7, 2019
Re-Homed: June 17, 2019

Status: Adopted


* The Labernese is a mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Bernese Mountain dog. They are gentle, calm and intelligent dogs who were bred to be working dogs for the blind and disabled but also make great family pets.

Health Issues

  •  None


  •  Sal is a very bright and sweet boy!
  •  Likes to play ball and loves to hang out with his people.
  •  Enjoys keeping busy with activities, games, training, etc.
  •  No body-guarding tendencies and happy to be touched all over. A bit squirmy but good with nails and general grooming.
  •  Has been socialized with other dogs but gets carried away sometimes. We have been working at pairing him with calm dogs so that social interactions are positive. He does not love every dog he meets and can become reactive on-leash.
  •  Sometimes he goes bananas. Although his actions come from a place of excitement, he can occasionally go a little too far with jumping, mouthing, barking, etc. He is easily redirected by putting him on-leash and removing him from the stimulus.
  •  For fun, he has had some exposure to Agility & Scent Tracking and seems to enjoy those activities.
  •  He has come a long way in his short time with us and seems to enjoy his training sessions. He is happy to please and it doesn’t seem to take him long to catch on to new ideas.

Owner Suitability

  •  Energy level is moderate to high and would benefit from an active family that can consistently commit to an exercise and training regimen.
  •  Very people friendly. He is good with kids but sometimes forgets himself and gets a bit worked up in play, so dog-savvy kids around 10 years or older are the best match.
  •  Needs boundaries and ample outlets for his energy and smarts.
  •  Has lived with a cat before (will be tested further in the upcoming week).
  •  Does exhibit prey drive. Takes chase after small animals and moving objects (birds, squirrels, leaves, balls, etc.)
  •  A fenced yard is a must. Given his energy level and curiosity, he would need a secure space to be off leash at home.
  •  May get a little upset when his people take leave of him, if even for a short time, and will vocalize his displeasure. Alone time should be built upon in increments so that he gets used to the idea and he would benefit from being crate trained.
  •  Sal has demonstrated some anxiety-driven behaviours, but the adage “a tired dog is a good dog” really applies to Sal. He is so sweet and gentle and social when his exercise and training needs have been met. He is brilliant, lots of fun and going to make a lovely addition to the right home!