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Breed: Mixed Breed
Sex: Male

Birthday: July 13, 2016
Rescued: October 13, 2016
Re-Homed: December 1, 2016

Status:  Adopted

Health Issue(s)

  • None


  • High energy and loves to run, he is playful and likes to play fetch.
  • Must be supervised with kids and other dogs as he tends to mouth and jump up on them. Is generally people, dog, animal friendly.
  • Mostly house trained, but when he goes outside, he may get distracted and play instead of doing his business.
  • Knows basic commands and his name.
  • Needs work on-leash.
  • Not generally destructive but does rip up stuffed toys (still teething).
  • Would like for him to attend puppy classes.
  • Does well with grooming.
  • Not toy or food possessive.
  • Barks when excited.
  • Crate trained.

Owner Suitability

  • Best suited to an active family, with kids, to keep up with his energy level.
  • Needs a family that is committed to attending obedience training (and continued training), to ensure he is properly socialized and has the necessary foundation to be a happy and well adjusted dog.