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Breed: Australian Shepherd / Beagle Mix
Sex: Male

Birthday: October 20, 2014
Rescued: October 12, 2015
Re-Homed: January 29, 2016

Status: Adopted


Health Issues

  • None


  • He is a lively and playful boy.
  • He enjoys any opportunity to participate in activities and loves to spend time outdoors.
  • True to the nature of his breed, he is very curious and loves to explore.
  • He may become vocal when he is excited for something, but settles nicely when he gets what it is he’s after (playtime, walks, food, etc.)
  • Timmy is an intelligent boy, he is food motivated and attentive which makes training easy.
  • He is dog friendly but has a habit of biting at the other dogs’ neck and face fur. He only means to be playful, but other dogs may soon grow weary of his persistence.
  • He has made great progress with training and leash skills, and responds well to positive training.
  • He does get a little protective of food and toys around other dogs.
  • He is showing some great potential for Agility, and would likely be equally great at Flyball.

 Owner Suitability

  • He would be best suited to a home that has outlets for his ample supply of puppy energy.
  • A fenced yard is a must as his young and inquisitive nature may lead him astray.
  • Experience with high-energy breeds is an asset.
  • Timmy is an affectionate boy and would do well in a home that has people around for a large portion of each day.
  • He would be a good match to a home with children that are dog savvy.
  • He has exhibited some signs of prey drive, and would likely not be suited to a home with cats.