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Breed: Bull Terrier
Sex: Female

Birthday: ~ June 8, 2018
Rescued: June 19, 2020

Status: Available for Adoption




Health Issues

  • Allergies


  • BeeBee is a bright girl who learns quickly when teaching her new things.
  • She is mentally and physically sensitive to new things however, with patience and encouragement she is learning to explore in a positive and calm manner.
  • She can get very excited with greetings.  At 2 years of age, she is still very much a puppy and very exuberant.
  • She responds well to a calm manner and slow strokes down her shoulders.
  • She walks nicely, listens well and responds to verbal cues.
  • She likes to cuddle however, she does take a little while to settle and calm down.
  • She is exploring many new environments,  including different ground surfaces which she is getting accustomed to.
  • She is attached to the new people in her life and likes to hangout and watch what is going on around her.
  • She does get fixated on other dogs she sees, planting her feet in the process (and no moving her till she is ready!)
  • She is slightly overweight and unfit, so exercise is limited to short sessions throughout the day. She does tire quickly at this time. Even once she has lost weight, true to her breed, she will always be a solid and strong girl.
  • She is crate trained. Although no longer crated at night, she takes comfort in having an open crate to go in and out of freely throughout the day.
  • She is generally not a barker. But she will use her voice to let people know of her presence when they are not visible to her.
  • She is known to spook at loud noises, including high pitched and clanking sounds.

Owner Suitability

  • BeeBee needs consistency in carrying on her training and exploring her environments. In the meantime, she tires easily as she is challenged with non-habitual tasks/activities.
  • She is learning new skills, and these will need to be maintained so she can remain successful in her life.
  • She needs a home where she can be with her people and spend couch time with them.
  • As her fitness developes and improves over the next few months, she will be able to do longer walks.
  • BeeBee is suited to being the only dog(animal) in the home. This will allow her to develop good social interactions with her people and have all the cuddle time!
  • Her new people need to be experienced with her breed.