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Breed: Husky/Lab Mix
Sex: Male

Birthday: February 14, 2007

Foster/Refuge: October 12, 2021
Passed: January 19, 2022



Boadie has a sweet soul and has a lot of love to give to his person. He has quite the past, from the streets of Lebanon, to shelters in New York, he made his way all the way to Ottawa where he is looking for his forever home.

Boadie is looking for a home with an experienced owner, who has the patience to help Boadie continue his training. He is looking for a home that is located in the countryside, with a fenced-in yard, and property to roam. Boadie is dog selective and he would prefer to be the only dog in the home. He is reactive on the leash and will need to continue his training to help him continue becoming the best version of himself. He is great with people and will bond to his people. Boadie’s favorite thing is to go on trail walks where he can sniff and relax. He enjoys lounging in the sun and prefers the outdoors.

Boadie is not crate trained, he enjoys his bed, and a bigger spot behind a baby gate to relax.

Cats: Not tested
Kids: Not tested
Dogs: Controlled interactions