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Breed: Great Pyrenees
Sex: Male

Birthday: July 2006
Rescued: January 7, 2011
Passed: June 18, 2017

Blood Donor: Yes


Health Issue(s)

  • Long haired, double coat requires regular grooming to avoid becoming matted.


  • Instinctively wary of strangers.
  • An incredibly happy and affectionate dog that loves to be with people.
  • Playful; enjoys retrieving balls or sticks. Although Bud hasn’t shown us yet that he can swim, he doesn’t seem to mind water.
  • Smart; eager to train and being highly motivated by food, is a quick learner.
  • No body sensitivities, grooming and trimming nails is no problem.
  • No object or food aggression when on his own. Can get a bit protective when in the presence of other dogs, particularly males.
  • Can be reactive with other dogs. Bud is strong, so it is important to exercise caution when introducing other dogs.

Owner Suitability

  • Needs an active family that he can be a BIG part of.
  • Older kids would be better suited to Bud because of his size and strength.
  • Could live with another dog IF it were the right dog. Preferably a female.
  • Fenced yard is a must.