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Breed: German Shepherd
Sex: Female

Birthday: January 1, 1998
Fostered: July 13, 2006
Rescued: December 28, 2006
Passed: October 13, 2011


For now I lay down my weary old head
all snuggled so deeply in my cozy warm bed
My bones are brittle, my legs weak with age
a long life I’ve lived to get to this stage
The tears in your eyes tells me it all
the angel of death is coming to call
Fear not for my safety, my journey is done
my life is complete, my race has been run

A good life I’ve had, I cannot complain
but now my old body is wracked with such pain
My end is a blessing, oh why can’t you see
the greatest gift you can give me is to set my soul free

An Old Dog’s Prayer