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Breed: Alaskan Sled Dog
Sex: Female

Birthday: February 14, 2007
Rescued: August 17, 2008
Passed: July 14, 2020

Blood Donor: Yes


Health Issue(s)

  • Susceptible to seasonal cough as weather changes, normally winter-spring and fall-winter. Easily remedied with OTC cough suppressant.


  • Can be a little standoffish with unfamiliar people but enjoys the company of people she trusts.
  • What Cheyenne lacks in confidence, she makes up for in intelligence.
  • She enjoys thinking games and dog puzzle games (anything that requires her to make decisions).
  • Sometimes spooks easily by loud noises, sudden movements or raucous surroundings.
  • May attempt to flee the scene if she is feeling uncomfortable.
  • Has high prey drive and loves to run, swim, and play.
  • Likes to learn new things and is very successful at training one-on-one with no distraction.
  • Her food drive overrides her fear, so Cheyenne is able to learn to trust.
  • Although not particularly driven by touch, she allows herself to be groomed.
  • Not the best with other dogs due to her anxious nature, but she has never lived outside of a pack.

Owner Suitability

  • Active but calm lifestyle.
  • Needs a patient human who is willing to work her through her shyness and insecurities.
  • No kids, due to her insecurities.
  • Without another dog in her life she will need much love and attention from her new owner.
  • Requires plenty of daily exercise.
  • NO CATS.
  • A fenced yard is a must.
  • Has never lived in a house, so house training and dog-proofing will be necessary.
  • Only positive reinforcement should be used to train and interact with this dog.