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Breed: German Shepherd

Sex: Male (Bonded pair with Bella)
Birthday: June 17, 2010

Rescued: August 9, 2016
Passed: January 20, 2022


Health Issue(s)

  • None


  • Not destructive.
  • Not much interest in swimming. Is learning to play and enjoy fetch.
  • Needs leash work as he is very strong and pulls/swerves a lot/throws himself around.
  • Needs some work on his recall, but does know the other standard training commands.
  • Prior to coming into rescue, lived outdoors with Bella. Has since been introduced to indoors and house trained. He is now comfortable with both living scenarios.
  • Older/respectful children only, as he is sensitive to restraint and for a short period of time will jump up on people when excited/first meeting them.
  • Loves getting a lot of people attention and is very good with strangers.
  • Reactive with dogs on the property. Stems from not ever being socialized with dogs other than Bella.
  • Does not like anything that may appear painful or strangely close to him, especially anything involving restraint.
  • Is OK with getting brushed in most areas but is still a little sensitive. Trimming his nails is a little more tricky as he does not like any form of restraint.
  • Has a mild habit of chasing vehicles and mild prey drive.
  • Tends to have some anxiety when separated from the ones he is bonded to. He is the type of dog that needs that one person he can do everything with.

Owner Suitability

  • Experience with large breeds, especially Shepherds, is an asset.
  • A fenced yard is a must.
  • Best suited to an active family to accommodate their high energy.
  • Will require constant management when Chico and Bella are together and play is involved. Chico has a tendency to get jealous and will transfer aggression onto Bella.
  • Suited only to a family with no other pets.