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Breed: Rottweiler
Sex: Female

Birthday: July 16, 2005
Rescued: August 18, 2008
Passed: October 7, 2016

Blood Donor: N/A



An independent girl you were,
So many years you stayed.
You came to us one fateful day,
So many friends you made.

A Rotti purr we won’t forget,
You loved to chase your tail.
A natural at obedience,
You pleased us without fail.

A healthy dog until the end,
A haste farewell was said.
So many pleasant memories,
A happy life was led.

So sad it was to say goodbye,
At peace, we know you are.
We think of you throughout the day,
And know that you’re not far.

Sarah Smith

——————————————————————— Paw-Keshet bullet ———————————————————————-

Health Issue(s)

  • None


  • Very affectionate to those she trusts, but gets uncomfortable when petted by unfamiliar people.
  • Gives very clear signals as to where her head is at.
  • Has the Rottweiler “purr” which has her making growling noises when being petted.
  • Very intelligent and highly food motivated, so Daisy learns very quickly.
  • Very good at agility and knows all her commands by heart.
  • Not driven by touch or play, unless you find just the right toy.
  • Can play rough, but stops when told.
  • Heels beautifully.
  • Not fond of having her nails trimmed, but showing improvement.
  • Not particularly dog friendly.

Owner Suitability

  • Someone that will give her time to adjust and will practice positive reinforcement training.
  • Older kids would be fine as long as they understand and respect her body language.
  • Needs to be a solo dog.
  • A fenced yard is a must for Daisy.