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Breed: Alaskan Sled Dog
Sex: Male

Birthday: ~ May 2008
Rescued: August 17, 2008
Passed: September 11, 2019

Blood Donor: Yes


Health Issue(s)

  • Bowel obstruction surgery in 2012; he has made a complete recovery and shows no signs of complications.


  • Cautious with strangers but will quickly regain his confidence, especially if the new person has treats.
  • Extremely affectionate and loyal once he bonds with someone.
  • High energy; loves to run, play ball and swim.
  • High food, play and prey drive.
  • Requires a lot of exercise; has some experience with agility and sledding.
  • Is fine with being groomed and allows his nails to be trimmed, although with some hesitation.
  • Has no food or body issues.
  • He is very curious by nature and will think nothing of quickly swallowing whatever is in his mouth.
  • Responds to positive reinforcement training only; interaction and food keeps him engaged.

Owner Suitability

  • Active family that makes him an integral part of their life.
  • Requires plenty of daily exercise.
  • Would be a wonderful dog with older kids who could match his energy level.
  • NO CATS.
  • Can live with other dogs if they are the right match.
  • A fenced yard is a must for Dingo.
  • Has never lived in a house, so house training and dog-proofing will be necessary.
  • Need to be diligent about not leaving things laying around that he can chew.
  • Only positive reinforcement should be used to train and interact with this dog.