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Breed: Kuvasz
Sex: Male

Birthday: February 16, 2007
Rescued: March 18, 2008
Passed: May 18, 2016

Blood Donor: Yes



So strong of will you came to us,
So grand in strength and size.
So many years you lived with us,
We loved those big brown eyes.

A few of us did take the chance,
And got to know you well.
A cuddlebug was in that glance,
Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

You taught us much throughout the years,
We said goodbye today.
We wished you well but have no fears,
Within our hearts you’ll stay.

Sarah Smith

——————————————————————— Paw-Keshet bullet ———————————————————————-

Health Issue(s)

  • Licks/chews his feet during allergy season.
  • Takes Evening Primrose on a daily basis to relieve symptoms (seasonal).


  • Very laid back. Takes his time eating and moving around, but has occasional bursts of energy.
  • Extremely independent but loves attention.
  • Quite smart and trainable.
  • Is food driven and responds well to positive reinforcement training.
  • Will respond in a hostile manner to intimidation training.
  • Very tolerant of other dogs.
  • Likes to be groomed and Eragon doesn’t mind having his nails trimmed.
  • True to breed and has strong guarding tendencies.
  • Guards toys, food, and anything he finds of value. Even poopsicles.
  • Having a hard time kicking the habit of coprophagy (eating feces).

Owner Suitability

  • Best suited for a farm or a large property that he could survey and guard.
  • Needs an owner who has experience with large breed working dogs and will be a constant dominant presence in his life.
  • Not suitable in a home with children (due to his guarding tendencies).
  • Fenced yard is a must for Eragon.