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Breed: Rottweiler
Sex: Female

Birthday: ~ August 2012
Rescued: August 2, 2016
Passed: April 27, 2018



Health Issue(s)

  • Moderate case of entropion in right eye (inverted eyelid) resulting in occasional teary eye.
  • Low grade hip dysplasia.


  • Very confident and does not stress much in new environments.
  • Very much a people dog and always happy to meet new people.
  • Can be reactive towards dogs, especially other females.
  • Very cuddly and loves attention from anybody. Almost to the extent of being needy.
  • A definite licker.
  • Loves being a couch potato but also loves going outside for walks as she has bursts of playful energy.
  • Not destructive.
  • Has possession guarding over high valued items (i.e. bone) with strangers.
  • Extremely food motivated.
  • Does very well with grooming.
  • Needs work on her leash manners. Has a tendency to pull when she sees something of interest.
  • Generally not a barker. However, can bark at strangers in her home environment.
  • Not good with cats.

Owner Suitability

  • Experience with large breeds, especially Rottweilers, is an asset.
  • Best suited to a family where there is someone always at home. Although perfectly capable of spending time on her own, she is in her glory when people are around.
  • Best suited to a family with no other pets. If there is one, it would have to be an independent and laid back male dog. Jealousy may be a factor with Foxy as she is not big on having to share attention with others. Definitely not cats.
  • Although low grade in nature, Foxy does find hardship in managing stairs. As she thrives on being with her people, singe floor dwelling is essential.