Alternative to Surrender

Keshet Kennels/Rescue offers an alternative to surrender for people who may believe that surrendering their dog(s) is their only option. Our long-term foster program was designed for dogs of all breeds, and created with both dog and owner in mind. The ownership of the dog(s) remains with the individual while the dog stays in our care in a safe, loving environment.

The dog(s) are boarded at our facilities for a period of time set out by the owner. The program may span multiple months, but must be a minimum of 30 days to apply. The reduced rate associated with the long-term foster agreement is only applicable in one month increments, each month payable in advance. Any amount of time less than one full month will be charged a slightly higher daily rate. If a foster agreement includes multiple months, the monthly rate applies throughout.

Individuals interested in long-term fostering are responsible for providing the dog(s) with food, veterinary care, and any medications or supplements required.  All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations (DHPP or equivalent, Bordetella, Rabies), and need to be on heartworm treatment during mosquito season (May-Sept).  A heartworm test, which includes testing for Lyme disease, may also be required.

We also encourage people to provide us with anything the dog uses on a daily basis to ease their transition into the new environment.

Every long-term foster agreement is different. The agreement is based on the individual’s needs, and the duration of the dog’s stay varies on a case-by-case basis. For each long-term foster agreement, a contract will need to be negotiated. However, it is often difficult to predict the amount of time needed for things like living arrangements and finances to fall into place. If for any reason the individual requires more time than the original contract states, an extension, or a new contract will need to be negotiated.

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