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Breed: Rottweiler
Sex: Male

Birthday: October 25, 2003
Rescued: June 30, 2006
Re-homed: May 6, 2008
Passed: Summer 2011

Status: Adopted


Yo, I’m Dante, the cross-border traveler. Although I was born down the road from here, I grew up in upstate New York. It is true what they say. A dog seeks leadership and if he doesn’t, for whatever reason, find it in his owner, he will take it upon himself to be the pack leader. That’s exactly what I did. But with no direction, all I really did was make bad choices. I know my owner loved me very much, but for my own safety and that of the people around him, he had no choice but to find me a caring home with strong leadership. Upon arrival, I certainly was in no mood to meet my new veterinarian. I came from New York with proof of all my vaccines, a clean bill of health and my records in place. I had been neutered earlier on in my life. So with a little posturing I got my way. But let me tell you, that was the last time I got my way. At the first opportunity I attempted to bite one of my new owners. A handler, experienced with dogs with flaws such as mine, was immediately called in to work with me and the Keshet Kennels care givers. Together they put me on a routine, let me know what behavior was acceptable, provided me with meals and exercise. Since I got with the program and understand the rules, boundaries and limitations, I am doing pretty well. I am learning to be less reactive and enjoy relaxing under the leadership of my human companions. In addition to the formal training, there is lots of play time. I especially like my ball. Because I still have a tendency to play rough with others, I don’t have a live-in companion. But I do live next to Blackberry and I enjoy knowing she’s always around. There is also Princess who I occasionally take walks with. I like to think I am living proof that the old adage “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is wrong!